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Say Cheeese! And Fruit.. And Meat.. A Guide To A Birthday Charcuterie Board

We had a slumber party at my Granny’s house for my mom’s birthday. There was a pool; there were drinks and DELICIOUS cakes. And, thanks to Corner Market, there was a charcuterie board.

Now, Charcuterie is an art form, and sometimes it can be a little complicated, right? We have to make sure that this Adult Lunchable not only LOOKS beautiful, but also has complementary components, flavor-wise. Variety, Quantity, and QUALITY!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a bind on the Charcuterie- front, but I will be honest in telling you this board was a LAST minute idea that would surely send the birthday party over the top. I pulled into Corner Market on two wheels with very little direction besides this

- meat

- cheese

- fruit

- crackers

I’m sure you know this, but swirved into this “Special Place To Shop” because I’m pretty sure the Midtown Hattiesburg Corner Market’s specialty is in Charcuterie Boards. Everything I needed and wanted (including the Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese my mom loves) was in one cooler, ready to curate and grab.

I thought I would go a little above and beyond and share my grocery list for you! I made it a graphic because you know I’ve got you covered :) If you wanted to go off script, you can’t really go wrong in there, just ask a Corner Market employee for their input!

We also used some Sandwich cutters to make a few shapes with the sausage (my sister’s idea) It was such a hit, and a great thing to nibble on while we sat by the pool and watched

a few football games, celebrating my mom.

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