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Creating a “Bump-Friendly” Closet: The Havoc of Being Half-Baked

Updated: Jun 25

There’s no graceful way to dive into this, I’m struggling with my body image right now. Don’t get me wrong; I’m so thankful for the little nugget that is kicking and growing and making himself right at home inside me. However, as I grow out of the clothes that have fit me my entire adult life and my body shape seems to shift before my eyes, I’m forced into a situation where I have to rethink my style. In my personal life, I love a leisurewear moment— don’t get me started on the number of Lululemon leggings I have on hold in my drawer out of the fear of stretching them out. Professionally, however, I’ve always loved a cinched waist moment. I have grown to gravitate toward a French tuck and a high-waisted trouser. Also, for note, I work at a non-profit, so it’s not exactly like I have the expendable funds to revamp and redo my entire wardrobe each time a new trend hits the market (there’s a reason they call me the UNfluencer).

All that to say: as my belly is growing (along with a few other body parts) I’ve gone with what I know best to help me manage a situation like this— I made a Pinterest board. Full of “bump friendly” clothing and sprinkled with pieces I know I already have, this board helped me wrap my brain around what made sense for my body type right now AND romanticize it a little bit. The seasons are changing, and I’ll be my biggest and most pregnant in the heat of summer, so I’m really trying to lean into transitional pieces that will work well in all seasons.

In case you’re in the same spot that I am, I wanted to share my Pin Boards with you. I hope you love them as much as I am clinging to them right now. And as I slowly curate my “bump-friendly” wardrobe, I look forward to taking you along on this journey!


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