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Don’t Tell Me How To Social Distance

We’re all new to the term “social distancing”, and I’m pretty sure this is our first pandemic together. Now, I’m not trying to add to the list of people telling you what to do, but here I am anyway. This is your friendly reminder not to feel body-shamed by the fitness blogger telling you to work out from her window-lit living room wearing a sports bra and tiny shorts. Do not let the artsy girl make you feel bad about yourself because you can’t sing, draw, or paint very well. Do your makeup if you want to, or just enjoy the fact that you don’t have to get dressed until further notice from your government. I’ve spent so little time on socials lately because every time I start to scroll, I see another girl who’s trying to “fix” my quarantine lifestyle and give me “10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of My Quarantine”. So frustrating. Anyone else?

Now, don't get me wrong. I’m enjoying watching the fun TikTok trends and cheap Amazon products to help organize a vanity or how to reorganize my closet, sure. Give me the books you're reading and shows you've enjoyed. But I’m here to tell you that you SHOULDN’T feel pressured by the Ring-Light Girls on Instagram who have the quick-speed cleaning/ workout movies and well-lit, sponsored-product home tours to make you feel like there’s another standard you’re not achieving. There's a level of intentionality and growth I'm struggling with showing myself right now, and here it is in this post.

So.. Eat four breakfasts. Spend your mornings running. Play Sims4 until you can’t see straight. Spend your time making sure your laundry is finished. Read every book you’ve ever wanted to read. Learn a new skill. Lay on your couch and snuggle with your dog. Do whatever you want to do without : 1. Feeling the need to dictate how someone is living during this time. 2. Feeling pressured to live a certain way.

Spoiler Alert: Nobody has done this before.

That’s all! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another season of WestWorld to watch.

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