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Empowering Messy House Friendships

This post is really just to bring light to this VERY important podcast. So often, we can feel bogged down by what we see others doing. I was feeling particularly poisoned by that feeling when I stumbled across one of my favorite authors blog post about how comparison really is the thief of joy!

​It reminded me of some of the best friendships I've made here. The featured photo is Laura, one of my most empowering friends. I took this shot of her at one our favorite breakfast spots near Orlando, after having a major heart to heart with her about life. You know the type girl date that feeds your soul and your belly in the best types of ways. Every once in a while, we set aside time to go on these trips, and I am so thankful every time we get together outside of a Disney/ apartment setting and just share our hearts. Instead of comparing to each other, we strive to empower one another to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. We're what some would call "messy house friends". I feel totally able to let her into the messiest parts of my life and unload. There's no need to be prim, proper, and perfect, and I'm slowly learning that those are the best types of friends to have. She knows that she can do the same with me. From the start, we've accepted each other for our strengths and weaknesses, and we cheer each other on. The more friendships like this that I've cultivated over the years, the important they reveal themselves to be to me. I'm a full on advocate for making girl friends that you can bring into your messy life and love anyway, taking yourself out of the running to be "better than" or "cooler than" the friend you're making. All the time, we compare our insides to others based on their outsides. It's madness. It will eat you up inside and make superficial friendships.

Anyway, if you're on the road or have a little while to fold clothes or relax in the bath (or literally anything else), here's the link to the podcast. You're welcome :)

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