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George-Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello, friends! So the latest thing that I've obsessed over minimalistic things. I've never been a huge fan of a lot of color in my own wardrobe, and to be honest that has just spilled over into my everyday life in recent years. A few of the styles that I'm looking into for the upcoming Spring follow right along with that pattern. I probably haven't evolved my color palette much because that's the beauty of lacking color in a wardrobe: it's incredibly neutral and doesn't really require adaptation. I only own and wear basic pieces. Seriously, I have more plan black t-shirts than I would even be able to count. But one "color" I'm excited about for Spring is that pretty denim color. You know the one; it's not quite a pastel blue, so it's still safe from being a technical color, and so it fits into that minimalistic style experience. Anyway.. I'm actually obsessed with denim. Another "color" that has totally stolen me away from my monochromatically black closet is cream! I know, it's not really a color either, but both of those colors are so clean looking for Spring, and any piece that you snag will be totally transitional. We all know that a transitional piece is INTEGRAL in this crazy weather, am I right? It's all about the colors, my friends, or lack thereof.

So, I found this place that is SO adorable, and right up my alley, and you'll obsess, too, if you like minimalistic style and neutral colors. George-Mary's is my latest obsession. Found in Starkville (nothing is better than a southern college town boutique, tbh), this place is the my actual heart.. if my heart was a store.

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