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My Tricks To Glow-Getting!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023


Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten SO. MANY. COMPLIMENTS. on my tan, on my color, on my skin. Obviously, my secrets are your secrets, so I have the three products I’ve been using EVERY TIME I get those compliments! I’m going to the beach for my anniversary this weekend, and I’m about to have a tan routine before I go! It’s SO easy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard me say after every spray tan: “was not ugly, was just pale” and these products give me that kind of glow in a natural looking way.

This tan is MAJOR. I’ve tried a lot of self-tanner, and this one is the best one I’ve found. It’s foam, it spreads easy, the color is SO pretty and natural. I put it on and let it set for a while, but it can be rinsed in an hour (3 hours for best results)

The kit that changed the game for me. I LOVE that there’s a makeup brush for bronzing the face and a strap to help you tan your back!! You can use the exfoliator glove, all the tanning mits and just throw them in the washer when it’s time to wash them!

This is the key to a summery glow. Sometimes I pat it all over my face, sometimes I just tap it into my cheekbones with a beauty blender for a classic highlight.

So the key to the inner glow, the no-makeup makeup, I-Woke-Up-Like-This Look. I put the natural glow moisturizer on first, and then I do the contour look with the self-tanner. That helps it all blend a bit!

I LOVE THIS LIGHT!!!!!! Instantly upgrade any photo quality with this little guy!

No matter what's going on, I have really incorporated these things into my self care routine. I promise, these are all SUPER low-maintenance and easy tools I like to use to make me feel just a little bit glowier. I hope these things help you feel your best, but always remember that you're GREAT the way you are!! :)

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