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Gus Goes To Nashville!

After years of visiting Nashville with Shawn, we finally decided to take our little furry son to his first long roadtrip! We made arrangements with our dear friends who have two doodles (who look JUST like smaller versions of Gus), loaded the car, said a prayer, and began our trek.

First, you probably know already, Gus is a good boy, but he’s a BIG boy. So this trip was going to go either wonderfully or terribly. Before we officially decided to take him, you already know I hit the pet store to get some supplies. If this wasn’t such a last minute trip, I would have ordered my supplies on Amazon, but we honestly decided last minute that the time was right to bring Gus on this trip!

We geared up with a supply list to make sure that our pup would have the best time ever in Nashville. Extra poop bags, a new collar (to make a great first impression) a reflective tag with our phone number on it, and CBD treats were just a few of the things that we brought for our boy to help us feel the most prepared. We were so nervous because our hometown isn’t nearly as dog-friendly as Nashville, which means Gus was going to get a lot more socialization and leash time than he’s used to, being an only-dog in a house with a fenced in backyard.

We planned two stops, one at Love’s gas station and one at Buccees to make sure Gus had ample stretch and potty time. Luckily, those two were pretty evenly spaced out, which meant Gus never really got antsy during the trip. He fared pretty well on our 6.5 hour road trip. Once we got into Nashville, we beelined to a dog park (Centennial Dog Park) and let him off leash. He ran himself ragged before we went for some drinks with a friend. (We have to get straight to business when we go to Nashville because I always only have weekends to see everyone that Shawn works with when he travels up to write music)

All in all, it was a great trip, and it was definitely made easier by the fact that we stayed with friends who have dogs that Gus got along with famously. We spent Saturday night doing a quick outing at Urban Cowboy, which Gus COULD have come to, except it was raining and the patio isn’t covered.

We came home on Sunday afternoon, and Gus is still sleepy and it’s Wednesday. We didn’t even do allll the things we wanted to do— so we’re already planning Gus’s next trip. I’ve compiled three lists for you: one of things we did, one of places we’re planning to go, and one of our Doggy Road Trip shopping list (What’s in Gus’s Go-Bag).

What's In Gus's Go Bag

Where Gus Went

Where We're Heading Next Time

Enjoy— and tell your dog I said hi :)

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