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Looking at 2020 Gracefully

Okay, pals— I started this thing, I’m sure you know of it, where I pick a theme word for the upcoming year. I pray about it and evaluate my life at the year-end and pick the word that I’ll remember as a theme by which to move forward. It's much easier and all encompassing that actual resolutions. AND I tend to see whichever word I choose in literally EVERYTHING!! It's a neat practice.

Grace. It’s a pretty word in itself, but I feel like it can be so tough to emulate. Instead of extending grace, I can be so quick to hold a grudge. I also tend to be so hard on myself, giving myself little to NO grace to feel or be how I am. I guess, in some ways, that’s the Type 3 in me- striving so hard to achieve and be liked that I get kind of lost in the mix of things.

So here we are. Grace is the theme of the new decade.


I have grace for others, because grace was so freely given to me on the cross. When there’s a chance t

o move forward in grace, I’ll take it. Where there’s a chance to extend grace to someone who needs it, whether they need to be told that their emotions are valid or that they’re allowed to rest. Sometimes people just need grace verbalized to them, you know.

I have grace for myself. I will give myself grace and space to rest. I will give myself grace in feeling my feelings. I will not apologize for being upset or overwhelmed. I will give myself grace, just like I give grace to others. I will give myself grace in believing that the way that I choose to do things is not always the wrong way. I will give my mind grace, and in that I’ll find confidence, even when I make a few mistakes along the way.

I will also show grace in the boundaries I set. Grace. It doesn’t mean that I’ll spend the year in blind giving of myself, letting people step all over me and take advantage of me. I will gracefully set boundaries where they are necessary. I will gracefully remove myself from toxic and harmful relationships. I will gracefully say no and build margin in my life. I will not harshly build walls and burn bridges, like I have done. I will show grace. Instead of shouting my arguments, I will evenly share my reasons. I will apologize where I’m wrong.

I will have grace. For others. For myself. For my body. For my soul. For my boundaries. For my life. Grace.

I hope this word builds habits and changes me for the better.

Happy 2020, guys!

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