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Have you ever had a dream, but the heavy sense of Imposter Syndrome hinders you from just going for it? Okay, hi welcome to my life. For 5 years, I have sat on this idea of starting something that could help girls like me. I’ve beat around the bush, waiting for my dream of consulting and coaching to fall into my lap. I have had SUCH a specific vision for what I want, and I somehow expected for it to find me. I’m a big believer in the saying: “Have Faith Like It Depends Only On God, And Work Like It Depends Only On You”, but for some reason, my doubt and fear led me to think that this goal was the one exception to this rule.


Finally, I decided that on the eve of my 26th birthday and at the top of the new year is when I’ll shove my “Why You?” with the “Why Not You?” that I’ve encouraged everyone with forever. I'll help others learn and take steps toward what I have spent my entire life learning. Here’s a bit of perspective:

From competing nationally at National American Miss and Miss High School America to competing at Miss Mississippi USA, where I consistently placed in the Top 4 every year I competed, I’ve had the greatest coaches and the not-so-great coaches and directors. I’ve worked at Disney World, completed character auditions, and I’m now in a career that allows me to exercise my interpersonal skills to build professional relationships with all different genres of business-people. I’m ready to pass along the skills that I’ve developed to coach others into finding their personal brand, growing it, and thriving from it! Personal branding isn’t the same as it once was, and I can commit to being on your team and using my expertise to reach whatever goal you may have!

I’ve been content building for a decade, studying the changes and methods that top influencers use to help others build their own platforms. The key here is that I work within your own goals and interests, affirming and refining you so that you have the skills and confidence to reach your goal! We'll explore your "Why?" and work together to to see the "big picture" of what you're working towards.

What you're looking for to take it to the next level: A YOU- focused coach that will help you stand out by focusing on what your talents are—let’s find those talents and unique traits to highlight together!

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