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Are Our #RelationshipGoals Really In A Box To The Left?

Okay, y’all, let me state the obvious. Beyoncé just released LEMONADE on Tidal. The internet exploded, and I used my free trial (because who is actually going to pay that much for a streaming site? not me) to listen to it. I’ve honestly listened to upwards of 10 times; it’s a great album with very, very personal insight to Beyoncé’s not-so-fabulous life. In the album, she talks about Jay-Z, she talks about her family issues, and she talks about her personal issues. It’s a very deep and emotional piece of work, and I’ll just sip my tea on any alternative motives it may have had. I’m honestly not even that big of a Bey fan, and I got the chills and the tears in my eyes and the rage in my heart just like a member of the Beyhive. If this is all a publicity stunt, which I hope is not the case, it is extremely well played. BUT, something that I’ve seen a lot of people say is this :

“If Beyoncé can’t hold down her man, then there’s no hope for the rest of us.”

Friends, this is simply not true at all. It upsets me that even something like this was flipped and turned into being Beyoncé’s shortcomings, or even “Becky with the good hair”‘s betrayal. I’m sad that it was flipped into yet another way we could never amount to the greatness of this ultimate #goal because if she can’t do it, then it’s impossible. This situation has nothing to do with how lovable YOU are, and it honestly doesn’t even have anything to do with whether or not Beyoncé is lovable. This has nothing to do with your self worth.

This is a great testament to the #goals we so aspire to acheive, that aren’t anything like reality. Cheating and betrayal should not be the norm. I hope that you don’t think that. But Beyoncé having marital problems does not foretell your own relationship. Nothing against Queen Bey, but Jay-Z does not set the standard for all men. Their relationship does not set the standard, and it does not deem what is acceptable or right or good in a relationship. Beyoncé is beautiful, but she is not perfect (sorry to burst your bubble). Jay-Z has a beautiful wife, but that does not exempt him from the temptations of the world or from the complacency that can happen in relationships.

If anything, let this album not rid you of any hope for your own potential relationship. Instead, I hope this album opens your eyes to the fact that celebrities, even ones with Queen status, are absolutely normal people behind all the dollar bills and cameras. Money and fame can’t buy happiness; that’s what this album tells me. It doesn’t take away my hope, but it humanizes all of these people that we’ve been trained to adore and idolize by the media. Fame cannot save your marriage. Money cannot salvage a relationship. Success doesn’t create love.

Our hope of love and loyalty is not in the box to the left (lolz). Our hope of love and loyalty is just on the same level as Beyoncé’s. She’s just proven to us, that she’s more like us than we thought she was.



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