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.. But Really, You Should Just Go And Love Yourself

Happy-ish February. How’re the New Year Resolutions holding up? (yeah, mine either)

So it’s the Love Month, and it’s something that someone either loves or hates. I’m not a fan, but I won’t hate on you if you are a fan of the lovey-dovey game. The main issue I have with this month is that it makes those without a “One True Love” feel poorly about themselves. There are anti-Valentine’s Day Parties, and bitter-nights- in because we (not actually me, my little brother is my Valentine’s Day date this year) feel unloved. The fact of the matter is that you ARE SO LOVED. Like, really so loved. You make an impact on everyone you meet and are adored by so many more people than you realize.

A lot of people who are lovey-dovey allow the relationship to define them. I get the whole “better half” idea, but I do believe that YOU should define you instead of another person. You are worth loving whether you get a wall of white roses for Valentine’s Day (looking at you, Kim K.) or whether you get dumped like J.Lo in 2001 (Diddy is kicking himself for that one, I’m sure).

But, I get it. It’s a process, and to know that you’re as appreciated as you are takes time, so I put together 4 steps to get actually get like whoever the Biebs is singing about and Love Yourself.

  1. Wake Up In The Morning!

For a few months, I’ve been getting up a little earlier than I need to. I wake up at about 7:30 AM so I can have two whole hours to myself before I start my day. At first, I hated the notion of waking up before noon, but I slowly realized that I need that time in the morning. I make my breakfast in the morning and do my quiet time. I love to get my day started off on the right foot, really, and I can tell throughout my day if I missed that little bit of time. I make my coffee and my eggs (I have a recipe for you that I’m OBSESSED with) while some acoustic morning music is playing. I get to collect my thoughts, make my to-do list, devote the day to God and just enjoy my own company. It’s the morning vibe that really gets me through the day, and it’s so effective that I tell my night-owl friends about it (it doesn’t go over well, but my roommate loves the occasional breakfast).

2. Cleanse

Something that I noticed lately is the food I put into my body (I talk about that in my OBSESSED tab). Call it mental, but what you put into your body and how you treat your body really reflects in every day life. I drink so much water (SO. MUCH. WATER.), and I cut out soda. I never really was a big carbonation fan, so it wasn’t hard for me to do, but the difference in my skin alone was incredible. Being dehydrated can really affect your skin (and how well makeup stays on), your energy levels, and your overall health. Drink Water. Also, making a few healthier choices can make all the difference. We’re running the marathon of life, so I’m DEFINITELY not telling you to cut out any cookie-pizza happiness (I have cookies in my microwave and icing in my fridge as I type this), but I’m just saying: Be Aware, because a few positive changes about what you put into your body makes a BIG difference in how you see your body. Face Masks are also a blast. There’s nothing better than a good shower, face mask, lotion combo. It’s like a mini-spa before bed, and who doesn’t LOVE that?

3. Love Others

This one is my favorite. I’ve really adopted this philosophy lately, and the results have been STELLAR. It’s the basic rule of magnetism: what you send out to people is what you’ll receive. The smiles, and laughs are so important throughout the day, and they have a concrete, scientific effect on our self esteem. Compliment people– even a stranger– even if you just like his or her shoes. Be present, especially with friends. I’ve tried to be more consciously supportive of my friends, and they’ve opened up like beautiful flowers! So many friendships will blossom if you put time and effort into them, and it’s really worth it (I’ve never been one with a lot of friends, so this is a really big one). The more you love others, the more you love yourself. It’s really a chain reaction. Compliment them without comparison. Support them without competition. The results are unreal.

4. Change Your Mind

At the end of all this, decide your worth.

Accept It: You Are Lovely. You Are Loved. You Have Been Hand-Made. You Are Art. You Are Unique.

That’s what gets me. Everyone has those bad days, BELIEVE ME. But the Same Being who merely SPOKE (didn’t lift a single finger) all of the galaxies into existence (I’m big on stars) decided that you were beautiful enough to be handmade. One of a kind. That thought alone makes my eyes light up and my shoulders roll back.

Social Media gets us on this one; I suggest you go through your media and cleanse. If the account makes you doubt your self worth, unfollow it. I do that all the time (how #goals is that?). Clean out your phone; all of those old texts are weighing you down. All that negativity hurts you. DECIDE that you won’t let comparison steal your joy.

Spend time with yourself. Make yourself laugh. Dance and sing even when it won’t go on someone’s SnapChat Story. Be happy with your own company.

I dare you: For One Week, wake up each morning and write down 3 things that you LOVE about yourself. Each day, pick three different things about yourself. Say something kind to 3 different people each day for a week. WATCH THE DIFFERENCE.

Happy Valentine’s Day; I still think the day is dumb.



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