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Get Your Back Against The *MK* Wall

On our most recent days off, my roommate and I decided to take a trip to Magic Kingdom. Neither of us had a chance to really explore the one of Disney’s most popular parks, so we got dressed in our matching MK shirts from Walt's Wardrobe and headed to The Kingdom with a camera in tow. As I’m sure you can imagine, the day soon turned into a hunt to find the best walls of MK. Our findings were so so plentiful that I decided to share the most Instagram-worthy walls of Magic Kingdom with you! I even included a few on the list that I know of, but haven’t gotten around to searching out.

Tomorrowland Purple Wall

Everyone knows about it, so I decided to start with this one. Right at the entrance of Tomorrowland, this light purple wall is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. The lighting always seems to be perfect, and it's never crowded.

Tomorrowland Blue Express Wall

Located right past the Express busses, and near the Carousel of Progress, this wall is to die for, and perfect for pics with friends. Maybe you’ll even get Guest Services to snap the picture of you and your bestie for you!

Tomorrowland Space Mountain Wall

Kind of a hidden one, right past where you get off the ride, but such a cute shot, and worth stopping in front of to get the picture. Especially if your hair happens to be messy from the ride.

Philharmagic Deep Purple Wall

Step right inside to watch Donald steal the spotlight, yet again! But first, snap a shot in the waiting area against this deep purple wall; just don't forget to turn your flash on!

Pete’s Silly Sideshow Walls

Both the Ketchup & Mustard and the Pink Striped Wall.

Hub Grass

A great place to chill and break out a Bible study, like the way my roommate and I started this day. It’s also a great place to lay down and take some AMAZING colored pictures. Seriously, so flattering.

Rapunzel Bathroom Entrance Wall

Bathrooms Areas in Magic Kingdom can be some major hidden gems for wall pictures. Don’t think it’s weird to look there for prime Insta-shots, however, please note that the traffic is HIGH! It’s a restroom, so expect a lot of people-dodging.

Cinderella Castle Stones.

In Fantasyland, there are parts of the castle that you can walk up to to get some of that royal gray aesthetic in you life. Who doesn’t love a cute gray stone background for some cute ears or a colorful outfit? Don’t let anything take away your shine!

​Tomorrowland Carousel of Progress Wall

Keep it Movin’! This wall spins, so you have to be on your toes to grab the perfect shot, but if you hang out near the exit of the Carousel of Progress ride, you’ll get it, for sure!

Tomorrowland Pea Soup Wall

Known by many other names, this wall is normally blocked by face painters. Even if you decide to forgo the face paint, you can still get a cute shot by this neon colored wall!

Pink Wall/ Red Wall by Pete’s Silly Sideshow

This isn’t one of those “The Dress” things, it’s actually a striped wall! Such a fun way to get two days worth of Insta photos in one location! Just don’t lean against the wall; it’s not a real wall but a tent!

Tortuga Tavern Wall

This is another high-traffic area because it’s a door that Cast Members use often, but it’s such a cute door to stand in front to snap a picture! Located right next to Tortuga Tavern, of course!

Peter Pan Neverland Map Wall

Off to Neverland!! This map is divvied up into three sections, so you can pick your favorite or get all three if you get far enough back (and sit on the ground, Indian-Style)

Main Street Mint Wall

Another Cast Door that begs to be posed near! This cute light blue/ mint color is the cutest (and shadiest) for shots with Mickey Bars or outfit snaps! The traffic is a little high with Cast Members, but not with much else-- which really just means there are people to take shots of you and your park pal!

Art Festival Red and White Table off Main

Grab a Starbucks, take a seat and snap a picture! This is a cute spot for a Dapper Day pic, too!

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