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It’s Our Time To Make A Move

Most recently, my church family lost its patriarch. We lost the man who stood for our little church and truly reflected Christ in a way that I’ve never seen done in anyone else. He was old, and he was oh-so ready to meet his maker. He was a man of God, a husband who loved his wife the way God loves the church, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a great-grandfather, and a role model to everyone who got the chance to meet him. His heart sang of that undying love for God and His people, and when his funeral was held today, it was more of a celebration than anything else.

I spoke to a friend before all of this happened, and we were talking about leadership. There are so many different kinds of leaders out there leading people to do and believe so many different things. The scary thing about leaders is that they can be so persuasive, sometimes with not-so great intentions.

What struck me most about the two of these things, as I tie them together, is this: What is your purpose? If you could choose, would you reach a multitude of people, giving each of them only a little idea of who you are? Or would you choose to reach only a few, and touch them deeply?

I used to be one to think that to reach multitudes would be better, but now I’m not so sure. I would much rather inspire and influence one person. If I can change one life, if one person reads this blog and looks at life a little differently then I feel like I will have done my job. I will have lived my life to its purpose. That’s what I want to be as a leader: Inspiring. I want to bring out the good in others, the best in the few. I want to go where nobody else has gone. I want to forge my new path, encouraging others to do the same. In doing that, a chain reaction occurs. Before we know it, everyone reaches someone and everyone is better, more inspiring, than what they started out being. It’s a beautiful thing because we don’t lose flame by lighting someone else’s candle. Isn’t that encouraging?

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