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“Tag! You’re It!”

Okay. Let’s talk about you. Seriously, this may get a little heavy.

You have bad days. Days that seemed just unlucky. Nothing seems to go right. More intensely, you have heartache. There are those days that shattered your soul and remembering those days makes it genuinely hard to do anything except for lay in bed and listen to the saddest songs you can find. There seems to be more of these days that the “Best Days Ever”. The bad always seems to outweigh the good, right? Comparison is a thief, too. It seems like nothing you do will make you as wonderful and perfect as that girl in your class. That guy you work with seems to have it all together while you watch your world crumble around you, and it’s not fair. It’s just not. You just can’t seem to win sometimes, and you deserve to win because you’ve put your time in, right?!

Here’s one: You’ve done something bad. You really screwed up lately, didn’t you? Said something you didn’t mean? Did you do something you swore to yourself you’d never ever do? I bet so, because never really means never, am I right? It’s haunting. Did you do something like skip out on an assignment? Did you spend your rent money on something superfluous (my word of the week)? That can be stressful. We won’t belittle whatever it is that you feel like is a big deal.

Did you do something really great, and nobody noticed? Did you give up your seat or (arguably more valuable) a parking spot? Did you START a Pay-It-Forward, and the karma just won’t seem to hit you?

Yeah, me, too.

Here’s what we’re going to do about it: Move Along. Yeah, the problems will still be there, no doubt, but NEVER take the good for granted. Realize that bad moments aren’t the equivalent to bad days. YOU are in charge of your day. You’re in charge of your attitude. Ultimately, YOU have the power (how Groovy is that?!).

So many of my favorite people are getting so caught up in the bad that they forget to move on from it and search for the wonderful things. It’s hard to remember, especially when you have a ten minute walk to class in February rain. It’s hard to remember when you lose someone you love, metaphorically or literally. I’m guilty, too, of dwelling on the bad, but I’m learning. And I believe so strongly in moving on. I believe really strongly moving on in search of the good. Feel the feels, yes! The sadness is validated, and you are entitled to feel whichever emotion you feel, but what breaks my heart is when we get so caught up in the emotions that we get stuck. We allow the mood or emotion (what’s the difference?) to reflect how we feel about ourselves. We forget our worth, and how sad is that? We’re validated in how we feel, but we are NOT doing well for anyone to let those feelings define us as humans.

So, yeah, you… That negativity that you’re clinging to? Whatever you did?  Do me a favor and let it go. More importantly than that (because I’m literally a face behind a screen and a voice in your head), do YOU a favor and let it go. Search for the happy. You’re so wonderful, and I don’t even have to look at you to know that. You know that. You know you’re worthy.

Know you’re worth so much more than you give yourself credit for and cling to that for a change. It’s a lot more beneficial, I promise.



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