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5 Things Helping Me Get Through 2020

I think we can all agree that this has been the craziest year of all time. Around every corner is some unprecedented situation. We all seem to be in such uncertain times, and we’re exhausted. You didn’t ask for it, and I don’t have all the answers, but I felt like opening up a conversation about HOW I’m inching through this year moment by moment might help.. Open up the conversation more..? Maybe by tearing down the fourth wall and sharing with you what helps to get me through might help us bring to reality that we’re all having a weird time right now, even in the middle of our different chapters of life!

1. I see a therapist. Every two weeks. We talk more about how I found my counselor more on the podcast, but finding an unbiased third party to help you untangle my mind has been crucial lately. The stigma is slowly breaking down, in my opinion, and I hope it will continue to normalize as we keep talking about therapy and mental well-being. Find a third party and talk to them. It’s taken the emotional burden off of your life partners (friends, boyfriends, fiances, and family) and gives you a designated space to feel okay.

2. I found some routine. I found my routine in going to the gym twice a week. Picking days to go to the gym. Knowing what I have ahead time helps me to maintain as much control as I can, and it helps me better shape my week. I feel like I’m continually working toward something. It sounds totally boring, but I have mapped out most of my days in advance, micromanaging my evenings so that I know what to expect.

3. I’m being more intentional in small things. I’m taking time to Marco Polo my friends with different schedules. I’m letting myself get excited about a beautiful weather day. Letting myself be grateful over these small things seem to somehow minimize the crazy, out-of-control things. I’m celebrating wedding planning wins.

4. I picked up a hobby (or cycled through 5). Right now, I love plants. They give me so much energy, they’re great decor, and they’re super satisfying when I actually figure out how to make them grow! I’ve loved water color, cooking, knitting, and a few other things. I still read books, and I want to pick my journal back up. Finding ways to put my phone down for chunks of time is really helping me stay away from bad news. Nothing is so immediate that I can’t afford to step away for an hour. Even devoting a date night (with a friend, fiancé or with yourself) to put down a phone and watch a movie has been rewarding and calming.

5. I’m learning to give myself grace. I’m taking intentional efforts to give myself grace when I get frustrated with the news or with the state of the world. I’m giving myself space to voice my opinion, even when I’m not sure how I feel. I’m giving myself grace to cry if I’m nervous about what life will be like in April. Or when I’m feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning. I’m giving myself grace to put tasks down for a few minutes, if I need to rest. We get the tasks finished, but I’m learning that grace is sufficient; It’s necessary for continuing to inch through this year and this chapter.

I encourage you to find your own things that help you get through this time. Let's start the conversation. :)


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