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5 Things You Can’t Miss at HUBFEST!

HUBFEST is Saturday!

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I am so excited about this weekend for Downtown Hattiesburg. Whether you’re a Hattiesburger or a person who loves a good Spring Festival, this one is for you. 200+ booths of food and crafts and four stages of music all make for a FABULOUS March Day surrounded by your friends and family in Downtown Hattiesburg. I’m here to drop 5 things you can’t miss on Saturday:

1. The Music, Obviously! There’s nothing better than walking the streets of a downtown to the beat of a drum or the sound of a guitar, right? Chase Simmons, Holley Rumbarger and the New Relics, Ella Langley, and Kameron Marlowe— they’re just scratching the surface of the great artists that will be there this Saturday. You don’t want to miss out! I've got the lineup for you right here:

2. The 360 photo-op moment. Not only is Spring in Downtown Hattiesburg beautiful, but there are more photo-moments than ever before, including a booth where you can do one of those 360 photo video things that are all the rage. There are also a TON of artisan crafts to check out. Like... SO many different types of creative booths, from crystals and clothes to vintage furniture and handcrafted accessories for you and your pet-- this is one of my favorite ways to shop small. You can see the vendors light up when you choose their booth and invest in their dream. You know I love that. :)

3. The FOOOOD. Okay, so we know the Mayor of Front Street will be there firing on all cylinders, BUT there are also more food options than ever before. Hattiesburg is a hotspot for delicious food, and HUBFEST cranks that to a ten on HUBFEST day. You seriously don't want to miss out.

4. The Kids Zone. I don’t have children, but in case you do, the Kids Zone will guarantee that your kids are asleep before you hit T-Bones after HUBFEST. Grab a beer, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy watching your kids play on the jumpies from Party Box Rentals. Your kids have never slept so well.

5. THE APP!!! So a lot of festivals are hit and miss, right? There’s so much going on that it’s hard to keep up. Well, HUBFEST is the Disney World of Downtown Festivals because we have an app to help you make the most of your day! There are Vendor Lists, Band Lineups, and a Map to make sure that you’re right where you need to be to have your perfect HUBFEST day!

Come on down to Downtown Hattiesburg tomorrow, March 25 from 9a-5p and enjoy!!

See you soon!! :)


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