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At Lash, My Love Has Come Along

Okay, so I have to share this with you! I've been trolling to find the perfect way to achieve a glow without makeup. I want to find a set of products that let me roll out of bed and go to class and feel confident about my skin. I always see those girls online who look so flawless, and while I know that I can't believe everything I see online, I wanted that type of canvas to work with on my face. A friend of mine offered up Rodan + Fields a few weeks ago, and I gave y'all the spill on it and what I hoped to achieve through that. Y'ALL. the results are unreal. I took some pictures, and my lashes and skin are already so much better. My lashes are darker, and my skin is glowy and more evenly toned than ever.

Reverse + Brightening Regimen

This set of products has changed my skin completely. I use it in the morning, before I start my day, most days, and I look more awake and ready-for-the-day without a drop of makeup on. It's truly incredible. It's transformed my skin to where I feel confident and bright every day. I feel happy and ready. I was sick with a cold a few days ago, and I STILL looked glowy.. Like HOW does that happen?!

Renewing Serum

The serums moisturize my skin for the night. With this awful and crazy weather, my skin has been very dry, but I use the skin serum to give me a layer of moisture before bed. The eye cream has worked wonders, too! My eyelids sometimes get a little dry from putting on makeup and after a weekend of getting ready, and this eye cream soothes and heals my poor eyelids. and my under eyes look way less tired, even when I'm pulling all nighters for class. The lip serums have healed my winter lips and actually made them a little plumper, tbh. That lip serum is a miracle.

After a few weeks. Taken yesterday


I used this Paste for the first time a few nights ago. WOW. I've done a lot of exfoliants on my face, and masks and other treatments to achieve that smooth feeling and this is the magic I've been looking for all my life I urge you to apply it to dry skin to get the best exfoliation, and fall in love with your skin again. It leaves behind a glow that is unreal. All the exfoliating made my skin a little dry though, so I topped it off with the renewing serums and went on to bed.

Lash Boost

THIS IS MY STUFF. I've been waiting for these results the longest, and they're finally here. My lashes are longer and more luscious, and the tiniest bit of mascara makes me look like I have literal false eyelashes in. It's insane how long and dark my lashes have gotten, and these pictures truly don't even do them justice.

All in all, these products are doing their jobs and more. I'm glowy and confident and that much closer to be as fabulous as all the people I follow on social media. Thank you, Taylor, for making my completely obsessed with my skin again :)

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