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Be The Pal You Wish To Have

So a question I’ve been getting more and more lately is this: why do you blog? What is this community for? I will share.

I’ve been a blogger for about a decade— before it was cool. I loved having a creative outlet all to myself: for posting and being moody and practicing my writing skills. I loved having a tiny corner of the internet until I realized something—

Keeping these realizations and passions to myself wasn’t serving anyone. It wasn’t serving the Kingdom or creating a community I longed for in that chapter of my life. My tiny spot on the internet had a population of one, and high school/ college can be lonely. God must have put passion for people and community in me for a purpose.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, so I created what I longed for: community. I wanted to create a space for people like me. People who are multi-passionate- ones who may not have it all figured out all the time. People with Problems. I wanted to create a place to share all the things I wanted to share: dreams, life hacks, stories, and lessons learned. I wanted to create a space to grow, encouraging others do the same through whatever media necessary.

A lot of times, I’m lucky to find some AMAZING people through this blog/ brand/ passion. I’ve been called to love some wonderful people on the internet. I don’t think this dream of creating and sharing ideas came from me, but from God, and I’m so thankful that I get to love on His people this way.

One of those humans I’ve been blessed to meet is Bella Gonzalez (@bellag__ on IG) — creator of LaLa Letter. She had a similar idea: create a community of women with many dreams and passions and cultivate those. I’m so very lucky to call her a dear friend of mine and to support her in her mission to help women with dreams encourage each other AND get their lives together with her planner design. It’s amazing- she gave me a planner, and I already have it filled to the brim with goals and resolutions for 2019. I’ve teamed up with her lately, and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know her more as we share her journey with you. There’s something about sharing goals and dreams with friends that is so encouraging and life-giving.

Find a pal to share a dream with; if you need a pal, be a pal (or call Bella and me).

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