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Handsome As Belle, With The Attitude To Match

So my family and I just got a boom box to go out by our pool. We’re a family that likes to get our grooves on, all with our VERY unique dance moves– and the louder the music, the better we think we can dance and sing. Seriously, if you’re having a wedding reception with any kind of musical entertainment, call me. Please. I live to get jiggy. DJ. Live Band, I don’t care. I have whatever family trait that makes me unable to sit still when any jam is on. Family get togethers are a blast. We line dance, and Lord help us if, and when, “Boogie Shoes” comes on. We love to dance and sing, even if we aren’t the most talented bunch, but I digress. The most recent concert I had the absolute pleasure of attending was Taylor Swift’s latest 1989 World Tour. The ladies of my family– my two younger sisters and my mom and me– took a trip to Bossier City, Louisiana and sat on the floor as we watched Taylor dance and sing her heart out (obviously helping her out every note and every move along the way). Seriously, I recommend attended at least one of her concerts before you die; add it to your bucket list right now. It was magical, and the night only lacked one thing: my little brother. He’s eight years old, and the youngest of four amongst three girls–needless to say he’s familiar with our friend Taylor. A few nights ago, what started out as a test jam for our new boom box took a turn and ended in my little brother performing every song off of Taylor’s new album. If I’m honest, he mirrored the concert flawlessly, and I had major flashbacks to that great night. I managed to catch a little bit of it on video, actually, and I’m sharing the best of what I caught. He’s changed a few of the words. Yes, he is saying “handsome as Belle” because “Belle is a princess and she’s beautiful, and that’s the same thing as handsome.. duh!  He’s an absolute character, with the hips to Shake It Off with Taylor and her dancers. If she ever finds herself short a dancer, I know a short dancer who is more than willing and ready to answer the call of duty. Apologies for the poor quality, but here’s a little lighthearted entertainment for your Friday! One more disclaimer: He gets a little carried away towards the end. Remember when you were little and the you went just a little (or a lot) crazy? Yeah, welcome to our world.

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