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Hello world!

Well, here goes nothing, I guess. I’m so excited and anxious to share my life as a twenty-something through this page! I don’t know who is going to read this or enjoy it or get any inspiration from it. I think it’ll be a fun hobby to start to organize my thoughts, obsessions, dreams, tips and tricks all on one page. I’ve had a few blogs before, but something about this one seems more exciting than the ones before. Naming this thing was a lot harder than you would think, first of all. All my fellow bloggers can attest to that, I’m sure (am I even a blogger yet if I only have one post?). I feel like I have to follow through on creating this haven of mine and sharing just because I finally snagged a blog name! Nothing in my mind was clever and started with “J”, like I had originally planned. Given my luck, I’ll come up with a killer name tomorrow over my morning coffee. I chose literallytwentysomething because I LITERALLY am twenty now; I’m a twenty something, and that’s exciting in itself. It’s a new chapter. I’m making the transition from a junior college dorm room to Hailing the Bulldogs from a house in Starkville with my best friend. I have so many loves and I meet a new obsession or inspiration every day. That is what being a twenty-something is. I’m embracing it, and I want to trace and track it. I want to share the experience because it’s been a journey so far to say the least. I want to share my journey in hopes that, if anyone reads this, you may just feel connected to me and not so alone. I’m excited to start this! I really have more to say. I’m older, and a trending trait of the twenty-somethings is that we all have so much to say. We think we know a lot, and maybe we don’t. But I am learning each day, with each mistake, and with each new experience and story that I’m sure I’ll share over our time together. I’ll be embarking on some pretty great adventures in the near future, so I look forward to sharing those as they start to get moving. I’ve been working on some really great projects, among taking a last swing at Miss Mississippi USA in the fall. Maybe we’ll even get to go on the journey to Miss USA together; who knows? So, this is my life as a twenty-something: read it and follow me as I literally make the moves up as I go.

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