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For the next 40 days, I'm doing something that I really hope that you'll join me in doing. Across social media, lately, I've noticed a lot of negativity. I feel like that statement is a given and something that we all know to be a fundamental characteristic of public opinion these days. So, for the next 40 days, I've decided to participate in Lent. I wanted to take this opportunity to cleanse myself of some unhealthy habits I've developed and work to replace them with things that I should be doing instead.

For the next 40 days, I've given up TV and fried food in pursuit of a healthier body and life. I've lately been watching an excessive amount of Law and Order: SVU and eating fast food (I love chicken nuggets and fries more than anything else on this planet). Hopefully, in these next 40 days, I'll create better eating habits and a more productive and mindful daily habits than binge watching various shows. I won't try to peer pressure you into anything quite as extreme as quitting anything, but I do want to challenge you to participate in the #LiterallyDevoted challenge I've started.

Relating back to the negativity and discouragement that I've seen across social media, my aim is to fill those media as best I can with positive devotions.

Obviously, in order to share positivity, I have to experience positivity. I'll be sharing Bible studies that I'm completing and books that I'm reading over the next 40 days in hopes that you'll do the same! Contact me on this site or share the positivity on your own social media! I'll share my favorites, and I encourage you to share yours, too! Take the challenge and rise to it: Use #LiterallyDevoted when sharing the devotions on your own page so that we can compile all the positivity in one place and cause a movement! How cool would that be? 80% of our habitual thoughts are negative. Out of 700,000 we have daily, it takes about three positive thoughts to replace every single negative thought we have. I say let's get to work to start replacing those thoughts; are you with me??

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