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Love Like a Hurricane

I'm sitting here, safe and sound, curled on my couch in Orlando as hurricane Irma slowly approaches. My roommates and I are all prepared for the storm as it approaches, and we all feel comforted and safe, for the most part. Even though this storm is one of the biggest that Florida has ever seen, I feel at peace about it. Disney has closed its doors for an unprecedented two days, and I'm pretty sure all of its cast members are taking this time to rest.

One of the things that keeps playing in my mind is the Chris Tomlin song that my roommate and I were screaming in the car on our way to get hurricane supplies the other day: "He is jealous for me. Loves like a hurricane; I am a tree".

I can't think of a more symbolic and powerful song to have in my head during a hurricane like this. Our God is so great and powerful, not unseeing the incredible power and effect that Hurricane Harvey or Irma has had on our country. He sees us in our joy and in our suffering. He has a love for us that is jealous and overwhelming, and a grace that is is even more-so. It's incredible to think that Jesus, who walked on waves similar to those created by Irma and Harvey, sees us and says to us "Have faith." Even in the midst of unprecedented tragedy, where we put our faith is essential to our peace in the midst of situations like this, no matter how devastating the results may or may not be. As I sit here, with my roommates, riding out the storm, I try to fix my eyes on Jesus instead of the winds or waves around me, literally. He promises to be our protector and the guardian of our souls. Things are replaceable, but lives and souls aren't.

Even if we are lost or worried about the storms, of life or of weather, He will find us where we are and bring all the comfort we need, like the ultimate disaster relief for our souls. Christ is here with a deep love for us, here to be the Ultimate Ride Out Crew.

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