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Milestones and Memories

The time has come. Not for me, but for so many people around this time, life is set to change and transition into the next chapter: Graduation. Scary, right? My own little sister graduates on Saturday, and I have to say I never saw it coming. I mean, obviously I knew it had to happen eventually, but who knew it would happen this fast?? Certainly not me.

I couldn’t mean it more when I say that my little sister is my best friend. I value her friendship; I value who she is and is becoming more than she could ever know. She has danced and laughed and soldiered through life with me, through good times and bad. Seriously, we have a choreographed dance to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, and we could still perform it perfectly today if we were asked (but please don’t ask; I would like to keep my dignity). I’ve never met a person so caring, so funny, so honest, and so naturally born to lead as she. Our dynamic is so complementary in every way. We lean on each other and can be exactly whayt the other sister needs. She’s strong and soft-hearted, and I’m not sure how, but those two traits work perfectly together to create the most inspiring human I’ve ever met. I would go to war for her, and now she’s graduating high school. She’s taking that next step, and I’m sure she’s nervous. But if I’ve ever had faith in anyone’s next step, it’s hers.

To My Not-So-Little Little Sister,

The next chapter is a leap of faith. There are songs written about it. There are movies made about it. Books are written about it, but the next few years that are coming are the most pivotal of your life. The girls from highschool will fade into the background, and you’ll strike out on your own. The most dramatic parts of your high school days will become stories, almost blurred and romanticized from age. I’d be lying if  I said there wasn’t drama in college, but I’ve found that it’s easier to step back and focus on the big picture here. Focus on your dreams, because these will be the years to pursue them and dive into them with nothing to hold you back except yourself. Now will come the moments you’ll remember the best, the friends that will become bridesmaids, and the lessons that will help to guide you through life. If I knew in highschool what I know now about myself, I wouldn’t have cried the night before I walked across that stage to receive my high school diploma. I would have smiled, raised my hands and thanked God for what He had in store for me. In college, you will learn more about yourself as an individual than you ever would have thought possible. You’re amazing and strong now, and you will only get better and stronger as you embark on the coming adventure. You will only learn more. I pray that you venture out and experience life, because that’s what these golden years are for. You will take more notes and make more notecards than you ever dreamt would be possible. You will stay up later than you ever imagined you could. You will laugh harder than you thought you could. The people you will meet will be people you could never imagine your life without. I am truly excited for what you have in store. I hope that excitement replaces fear and anxiety, and that your freshman year of college will far exceed freshman year of highschool. Even when life ahead seems like a giant puzzle with no solution, know and trust that God works everything for the good of those who love Him. You are not the only one who questions what’s ahead; everyone around you will know exactly how you feel. Heck, I’m a senior in college and I still scramble and question my choices.  You will learn and grow and be inspired no matter what you end up doing.

And when you feel your back against the wall, know that I’m as on your  now as I ever have been. I am always your biggest fan, and I will always be around to tell you that things get better. I will fight for you, study with you, listen to you and dance it out with you as long as we both live. I knew, from the moment you were born, that you’d be my person (I held the booger sucker and tried to name you Milton, so that’s the same thing, right?). I love you and couldn’t be more proud of you. The best is yet to come.



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