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What's In My Skin Fridge?

Hey friends,

So it's time that I give you guys an inside scoop on my favorite skin care feature: a skin care mini fridge!! Yes, you read that right. Since following The Skinny Confidential, I now have a small refrigerator in my bathroom, and in it I put some of my front line skin products. Keeping a few of the products cold not only feels fantastic, but it also helps a little with inflammation and keeps the products feeling fresh! Need another perk? Keeping some of your key skin care products cold will increase shelf life. Feed your skin fresh stuff, too, you know? We're about to give you a rundown of what my skin fridge is like and what I put into it! Just FYI, NONE of these are affiliate links; I've just had a few questions about it and really thought you'd get a kick out of peeking into my skin fridge!

Let's get started with the fridge itself. I have a black fridge that I got from Amazon-- here it is if you want to be matchies! In it, I have a few face masks and eye gels, like the ginger-turmeric gel mask from First Aid Beauty. I always loved this mask, but chilling it brought the luxury level way up. I also use the BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Masks. I actually JUST used my last one (note to self: buy more).

I have a jade roller AND a stainless steel gua sha all in the skin fridge. This is prime for lymphatic drainage, which keeps us contoured and not puffy. #goals. Shawn even loves these-- he always asked me to massage his face with them after I finish with my skin routine.

Another thing that I am so aware of, but don't really care about-- my skin fridge looks like an ad for Ordinary Skin Care (I went ahead and linked the site for you- thank me later). The coolest thing about this site is that you can tell them what you want for your skin, and they'll send you a regimen that's super affordable. Need I say more? Here's my haul from them- and it all goes in my skin fridge:


"Buffet" Serum - SO many different peptides and vitamins for the skin

"Hyaluronic Acid" Serum - hydration is key, y'all

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate - for my Vitamin C in the morning!


Vitamin C cream - I'm obsessed with Vitamin C these days

B Oil - hydration and radiance for the win

I also keep essential oils like Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus in my fridge. Tea Tree Oil will knock out a pimple and eucalyptus just smells delicious and chills me out MAJORLY.

When I need a little extra hydration, I'll use the Ole Henrikson moisturizer that you can snag here. I'll use it every once in a while, especially if I'm not wearing makeup that day. Keeping it chill just makes it feel just a little more luxurious, tbh. I also keep a small bottle of Evian face mist in the fridge. I feel like Meredith Blake every time I use it, but in a good way :)

I'm constantly adding to my skin fridge- I'll keep you guys updated. So, celebrate payday- go buy a skin fridge and add some killer skin care to your life. Keep glowing :)

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