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Rest Friends Forever

Last weekend, Shawn surprised me with a visit from one of my best friends. He saw in me a need to refresh and recharge, so he flew in my pal, Laura, from San Diego to help me do that.

Totally sweet, right? For those who aren’t keeping track, Laura is the friend that lived with me in Orlando while we worked in the Disney College Program. In my short six months, we became family. We leaned on each other in hard times, fun times, dance-y times, and all the times in between.

We spent the weekend eating, laying on the couch, and napping. We were resting in each other’s company, reminiscing on all the times we would do that whenever we lived under the same roof. We even cleaned my apartment and brainstormed (which was the first time I’d flexed my creative muscle in a month). It was much needed for both of us. Do you have a friend like that? A friend that has such an energy-giving vibe that it can recharge you? A pal that, despite the long distance, you can pick back up after months apart.

Truly, if you have one, you know that it’s the biggest blessing that life can offer you. It’s so empowering to have a person who encourages all the best parts of you while accepting your weaknesses, too. A Messy House Friend- A Rest Friend Forever.

I think romantic relationships are important, sure. It’s important to find a mate that you can build a life with! But what’s just as important is to find those monumental friends that will love you fiercely . We need friends who love us and support us, even to the point of flying across the country for a gal-pal weekend of rest. We need friends to open their homes to us when we need to get away and have a weekend of couch naps without forced conversation. These friendships feed our souls, and they are SO worth investing in. Friendships that encourage you when you can’t find encouragement or inspiration are the greatest treasure on the planet. Pals that take your boring or your sad or your messy (or all three) and make efforts to pull you out of that pit, clean you off, and let you nap are the most wonderful.

To me, that type of love is one of the greatest reminders of God’s grace and His love for me. Finding people who support me and love me no matter what are the ones that remind me that God’s purpose for me is beyond any human opinion. Invest in the lives of those who invest in your life will make you rich in all the best ways. If you’re too closed off to invest in another human, please take this encouragement and invest in a friend— it could be so worth it!

I am much more thankful for rest when I can rest with friends.

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