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Run to the Roar

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It’s reflection time.

In my last post, I urged you to approach the Throne of Grace with confidence. I reminded you, and myself, that our destiny is of Royal Decree and whatnot.

But something I didn’t mention then, is how terrifying and gigantic that decree can seem. As the day to fight, whitened tooth and manicured nail, for my dream approaches, I’m finding myself a little more anxious. I know that the “Royal Decree” will prevail, but what if that calls for greatness?! Whether that sparkly crown and sash belong to me at the end of the weekend of not, it’s nerve wracking to feel such a big God so hard at work in my little bitty life. More than failure, I find myself feeling fear at jumping into greatness that I believe lies in the next chapter, no matter what it holds. Now, fear and the feeling of being extremely humbledby God’s wok in my life are interchangeable feelings. Either way, paralyzation is my heart cry– as though I’m waiting on God to write the answers in the sky or something, even though He has been unbelievably present in my life lately (seriously, I could tell you some crazy stories about the past month). But in waiting for that, a new friend of mine shared a story with me that I’ll share with you.

I like new friends because sometimes they can offer new perspective and opinion that hits you over the head faster and harder than anything else in your entire life. Probably one of the reason I love new friends so much. The story was a poem, and while it’s unsure how theologically sound it is, there is a little nugget of goodness that has been stuck in my head for a week and a half. I’ve been trying to share this with you, my friend, for a week and a half, and I haven’t been able to put it into proper words until today.


You see, I’ll be so honest and candid with you. For years, I worked so hard toward my dreams. I worked tirelessly to be strong enough, trying to find my destiny on my own within my own strengths. I wanted to earn the destiny myself, and to do that meant to have no weaknesses. Oh, how wrong I’ve been!!

We are not chosen becuase of our strengths. Our destinies, if they are of Royal Decree, are chosen because of our weaknesses. We are supposed to run toward those goals that scare us. We are supposed to sprint toward those dreams that expose our weaknesses because THAT, my friend, is where God can work. Where our weaknesses show, in those cracks, are where The Light shines through. We are to run to the roar that scares us, full speed. That way, when we reach the lion, slay the lion, tame the lion.. whatever.. it won’t be we who take the credit. It will be fully in the hands of God, and He can do immeasurably more than all we could think or imagine. I’m learning to run to the roar. Run to the fear that something great is right around the corner.

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