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I've Started Sharing My Closet With You!

Okay friends, I’m not going to pretend like I got a million questions about this, but I did get a few, and I get more in real life: “Where do you get your clothes??”

As you guys know, I have an office job. I’m with the Chamber of Commerce here in Hattiesburg, and that, of course, means a lot of office clothes and event- appropriate clothes. This is my first “real job” out of college, so replacing my college clothes with office clothes definitely took some time and money, but I’ve started up my Like To Know It to help you guys out. I’m going to be more conscious of putting my look links online for those gals like me who are looking for work clothes that can be styled in real life, too! Goodness knows that I scoured the internet (and still do) to find looks and pieces that fit all aspects of my life. I don’t have all the answers or all the money— I mean, I do work for a nonprofit after all— but I thought this would be a great nugget of value for my friends who are joining the workforce.

The links that I don’t put on LTKit, I’ll share on the blog for you— Because I just can’t put everything on LTKit, but I can’t let you miss out on my great finds!

I have to start by telling you about, and linking, a sweater and a boutique that I am crazy about lately. I love a small business place that’s online and has a storefront. That way, I can go in to check the quality before I drop money on a sweater or a coat. Juju’s Boutique is based in Louisiana, and it’s all the rage. I just teamed up with them, and I was so excited when it happened. I’ve been shopping there for YEARS. Last time I was in town, I stopped in to pick up a few things, and I’ve been wearing them out— I have to share. The sweater and coat are both from there, and you can find them HERE! (and here is the coat).

So yes. Pop in the store. Pop in online. Subscribe to the blog, if you haven’t, so you don’t miss out on the good links and nuggets. Check the LTK out here. I’m really new, so be patient with me! See you soon!

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