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Copy of Italy Recap (Part II): Sorrento

Listening to “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra

Accommodations: Hotel Cristina in Sorrento

Okay, so if you caught the first piece in this series, you know that the first stop on this two week trip was Rome (if not, you can read it here).

The Outfits:

Light and airy was the vibe for this leg of the journey. I layered up a little, but I kept it light for this coastal feel, which really worked in my favor these days. I stayed cool. Also, Buying linen in Sorrento was something I'll never regret. I bought one of my favorite dresses of all time in a little hole-in-the-wall of Sorrento. The black dress is old, but I linked an amazon dupe here.

On our first evening in Sorrento, we had a group dinner, which was so special. All the dinners we had with the group were family style: big portions, and lots of wine. We had dinner on the terrace of our hotel in the sunset. It was magical. I think I took the most colorful phtotos during this leg of the trip. You'll see what I mean.

We went to Pompeii— and I am so glad I dressed light and comfy because visiting Pompeii is walking in a destroyed city of stone. It was so eerie and interesting to see such an intact city, frescoes and all, like a volcano didn’t destroy it all back in 79 A.D. BUT it’s a lot of walking and heat— direct sunlight. I do wish I would have brought a hat— all I brought was the baseball hat I wore on the plane, and it definitely didn't go with my outfit.

The next day, we took a ferry across the water to the island of Capri. Honestly, this place should be on everyone’s bucket list. I bought a linen dress in Sorrento and wore it in Capri; it was so light and airy for the island— and the khaki color looked great against the blue of the water.

The ferry took us from Sorrento to the harbor, below Carpi, and we booked a boat ride around the island, stopping to take a rowboat ride into the Blue Grotto, a tiny grotto with magical-looking blue water. Italian men rowed the little wooden boats inside and sang while we ooh’d and ahh’d at the water. It was one of the most magical experiences— and I used to work for Disney, so I know magic. After the boat ride, we took little taxi cars up from the harbor to the actual island of Capri; then we rode up even higher via cable car to Anacapri— the tippy top of the island and an actual panorama of what I think heaven looks like (don’t worry, I have photo proof). The cable car ride was breathtaking. It was similar to a ski-lift, only seating one person per lift, which was so peaceful. Riding up and down, my head was on a total swivel, all my senses alive with birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the bluest water I’ve ever seen. We bought a fresh Sorrento lemonade slush once we reached the peak and just sat and soaked in the view for a while. If you’re ever in the area, it’s SO WORTH THE EXPERIENCE.

The very next day, we traveled across the Amalfi Coast by bus, driving through some towns, like Positano, that I’ll definitely revisit one day. We drove all the way from Sorrento to Naples, where we climbed aboard a ferry boat, that I can akin to a cheap Cruise boat— not the most comfortable arrangements, but it was an adventure nonetheless. We slept on the boat and work up in Sicily!


I took a page out my friend Laura's book-- (the King of Travel) and opted to buy some home decor for souvenirs. The Amalfi Coast had beautiful coasters that are currently on my coffee table, a forever reminder, and a pop of color from my travels.

Now, to save this post from being a mile long, I’ll save that spill for the Sicilian post, and share it with you soon!


Day 4-

  • Dinner with a sunset view, post travel

Day 5:

  • Pompeii

  • Lunch by Pompeii of Bruschetta bc it’s hot outside

  • Shopping in Sorrento

Day 6:

  • Blue Grotto boat tour

  • Capri

  • Cable car up to Anacapri

  • Wandering up and down the shopping— every single alley is gorgeous

Day 7:

  • Amalfi Coastal Drive

  • A little pit stop with Medieval Sights

  • Overnight Ferry to Sicily

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