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The 12 Gal-Pal Gifts of Christmas

Giving gifts to your best girl friends can be so tough. How do you show them how special they are to you without breaking your bank? I put together a gift guide for you guys of things and ideas I love AND that won’t break your bank. The Twelve Gal-Pal Gifts of Christmas. None of these are affiliate links; these are just products and ideas that I think we would all appreciate. I tried to make Christmas a little easier for you!



1. Name Necklace- $30.75. This is such a great gift for your pal. Who doesn’t love a personalized necklace, right? I also love supporting small shops, so Etsy is typically my go-to!

2. A constellation map. $34. For the pal who has a baby or who just got married/ engaged! Again, this is another Etsy gift that will be SO special and that will last forever!

3. Give the gift of great hair with Formulate!! $60. OR I’m giving away a bottle HERE! Take a quiz (or send it to your friend) and get specialized shampoo and conditioner straight to your door!

4. A Wine Aerator! $12.98 CLEARANCE. Give the gift of great wine, anytime. Gone are the days of waiting for wine to air out before you drink it. Snag this for your red wine friend!

5. O-Rings Keychain. $55. For the gal pal who always loses her keys. This O-Ring is big enough that you won’t lose it as easily. Probably.

6. Monogram Wine Tumblrs. $14. Need I say more??

7. Sideways Initial Necklaces. $22.18 like the name necklaces at the top of this list, these are similar. They can also be for a last name, if your pal just got married. Or a baby name if she just had a baby. Life stages, man; I'll let you get creative with this one.

8. Planner SZN. $45. For your organized, or disorganized, pal. Help 2019 be the best year yet AND support small business with this perfect planner. 3 colors, endless possibilities.

9. Wine Bottle Tray. $17.83. For the gal pal who loves to host the girl’s nights. These cute food trays from Etsy will definitely complete your wine night.

10. A Kitchen Sign. $35. For the gal into rustic home decor. You know her— she has the cutest decor everywhere, loves coffee and wine, and everything in her home has a great personality behind it? Contribute to her collection. She’ll thank you.

11. Self-Care Kit. $24.95. For the Stressed Friend that always forgets to slow down. Remind her to take a well-earned night to herself with this kit. She needs it, for sure.

12. Living Proof Dry Shampoo Set. $23. Beauty Gal on the Go. Help a sister out!

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