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The 5 Apps My Instagram Can't Live Without

Here we are: I'm about to share with you the hacks of my Instagram. Here are my five favorite photo apps. From organization to editing, I've gathered the best of the best for you guys! No need to thank me; just subscribe to my blog :)

I've tried COUNTLESS editing apps, used up so much phone storage on awful/ cheesy editing. These are the apps that are worth the storage!

1. VSCO is the very first editing app I ever downloaded. I use it to edit photos, practice caption skills through the journal feature, and gain inspiration from other users. I love this app, and its easy editing interface. There are filters aplenty, and there are features that allow you to create a library of your favorite filters. Say goodbye to scrolling for hours in search of your favorite filter.


2. True story: Tezza took my Instagram to the next trendy level. The filters here are some of my favorites, and they fit in GREAT with my color scheme. I can also add grainy and dust overlays to make my photo look old and developed--totally trendy right now. It's also got styling and blog tips and playlists-- what more could you want in a lifestyle app?? I love Tezz's instagram, so I'm sucker for her entire app, obviously. Download it:)


3. The HUJI Film app is a magic app. Whether you look sleep deprived or just having an off day, the sun flares and classic look of these picture filters WILL fix it. It's a fun app to use-- not one I use all the time-- but definitely one I couldn't live without (especially since that Vintage look is so in style these days). The editing is a one-stop shop. You can also upload photos to the app for a nominal fee-- so worth it.


4. Unfold is the app that all the influencers are putting on their story these days. There, you have it. I spoiled the surprise and mystery for everyone. I love the app so much, and I think the knowledge is meant to be shared. Add text to your stories in such a clean way-- you can also make pic collages cleaner than ever before (do we still do collages?) Add background images with forefront text. This app is magic. If you enjoy IG Stories, download it. Your followers will be begging for your secret.


5. Do you ever wonder, "How will this look on my grid?" WONDER NO MORE! UNUM is an organizational app that I can't live without. I'm not crazy picky about the placement of my grid, but I do like to have a game plan, and this app helps me get a few posts brainstormed and out of the way so I can focus on other things (like how much I love this app). Of course, it can't post for you, but you can totally set reminders, and your post is all ready to go with one click! The app also tracks your stats and prime posting times, so you can stay on top of the algorithm. *Side note: Everyone is always on instagram anyway why are "prime times" a thing? Don't pretend you didn't see my IG post.

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