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The 5 Best Multitask- Friendly Podcasts

Happy Fifth of July! This is my first summer with a full time job that isn't Disney World. As a blogger, I'm constantly looking for inspiration all around me, and that can get pretty tough to do behind a desk. What I've found to be my saving grace is podcasts! They're great to listen to while you're commuting or while you're sending emails-- or just trying to get through the 5th of July, like me. Another great thing about the podcasts that I've found (that'll I'll share with you shortly), is that they often come with a blog or a great Instagram! I've been blogging for almost a decade, and I've never been one to read very many blogs until recently. I like podcasts because I can take my own notes and continue to multitask or work. Seriously, podcasts are my new favorite thing.

This podcast is my recent go-to for beauty and wellness hacks. Her blog is to die for, and this podcast features her, her fiancé-- who's a "Serial entrepreneur", and guests of their choice. They explore popular brands and trends, and I've already gotten so many hacks from the podcast and blog. Here's the blog-- have so much fun! I've been binging on the podcast episodes -- new episodes come out every other Thursday.

I feel like all I talk about is this podcast/ author/ blog. She has changed my life, and her podcasts are SO life-giving. She's a Christian podcaster with such an encouraging outlook on life. She and her guests talk about life and love, and living both to the absolute full. Listening to her podcast literally feels like sitting in the living room (or car or office) chatting with your closest girlfriends about real life. Her blog is here!

This podcast is everything you never knew you needed, if you love pop culture. @girlwithnojob and @jackioproblems host a daily podcast/ morning show that give you "The Fast Five Stories You Need to Know" and truly they're all exactly what you want to hear about. From celebrities to housewives, this show is a great escape from daily life. I constantly find myself howling with laughter. (It's also how I found The Skinny Confidential).

This podcast is great because it's a story, so it passes the time. Bravo hosts dive into and analyze some of the most infamous crimes in history. I love a good crime show, so this is perfect for when I don't necessarily want to take notes and "better myself"-- I just want to be intrigued and entertained. It's like a crime documentary, but for your mind. It also has some funny parts, and the stories are told well. The hosts have great personalities.

I've not been following this one long, but so far it's interesting. It talks a little about social media and work ethic, but it mostly has talked about mindset and following your life to the absolute full. It's been very helpful and fun to listen to. Cara Leyba has a voice that is easy to listen to, and she's been my own personal life coach podcasts. I would definitely recommend it-- and she has a new book coming out!

***Gus's Choice ***

This podcast was a SAVING GRACE before I got Gus. If you're looking for a podcast about training your pup, Pick this one. It's amazing and SOOO insightful. I promise you'll find value you in it. From crate training, to chew toy recommendations, this podcast has everything.

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