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Can we be honest for just a second? Maybe you’ll relate and maybe you won’t, but there are seasons of my life where I just feel UN-INSPIRED!

I can come up with a few things to do that would be creative. I can think of a few things that would be great topics to chat with you guys about. I can even think of some outfits, ideas, and lifestyle things that I would love to share with you. Basically, I have a mile-long list of content I WANT TO create.

BUT what I haven’t been able to do is successfully execute those ideas. When I finally create something, or (more accurately) when I try to create something, it’s not good enough. It’s been a terrible, uphill climb chasing these concepts with no satisfcation at the end of it. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Surely this has happened to you, too.

I sat down to face my “unspiration” head on. I took a pen to some paper, and started to write this blog post, but what came out of my pen, instead, was quite different:

“Not ‘Swipe-Up’ able” What even is that??

That, friends, is the enemy— straight up.

I had this long list of things that I’m not, and it was really discouraging. As if playing “Process-of-Elimination” with my identity was going to somehow make me feel validated and inspired. No way.

What did help is a phrase in a song I stumbled across one night :


I don’t have a cure for Unspiration, but I can tell you that even when we have a list of things that make us “not enough” or “too much”, there is a God who tells us: “No, child, you are who I say you are. Not who you feel like you’re not.”

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