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Weekend Recap : Big Chapter Changes Edition

Hi guys! I’m so glad you’ve joined me again for a little recap of my weekend! It was a full weekend with a lot of precious moments and special celebrations. I keep a relatively close knit group of friends, so to have so much to celebrate is incredibly special!

I had my first slumber party with my long-time friend Jenna (complete with pancakes). We celebrated Baby No Name with my first Baby Shower. And we screamed and shouted at the surprise engagement of my cross-country bestie, Laura! Let’s get into the details!

Friday, May 17


I got to have a slow start to the morning, with my FAVORITE breakfast of all time: Toast with scrambled eggs. It’s a breakfast I reserve for slow mornings— butter and jelly on the toast and “Everything But The Bagel” on the eggs. I worked from home on the rainy Friday, so I could get a few phone calls and emails out AND unpack the house while my energy was up!


Gus and I hung out for the afternoon, and we got the house a little more prepared and unpacked. When Shawn got home, he brought all the ingredients I needed to make some Instant Pot spaghetti (a crowd favorite), and we finalized the guest bedroom and bathroom. We’ve never had a second bathroom, so we were SO excited to stock it up and get it looking perfect for Jenna’s arrival!


Jenna got to the house after her internship at the aquarium and just in time for dinner! It was so much fun to catch up with her and take turns gushing and talking planning and preparation for her wedding and my baby! There’s a lot going on in our lives, between my new house, my growing baby, Jenna’s near-completion of veterinary school, and her wedding planning.

Jenna and I have been friends since we met as random roommates our freshman year of college. For a decade now, we’ve gone through so much life together, and it’s always so special to make time to catch up and spend intentional time together, even amid the chaos. (And we felt so fancy that, for a little while at least, Jenna got her own wing of our new house). If you’re wondering where Shawn was all night, he was spending time with his own friends — he got a much needed night to decompress with a few rounds of video games with his pals.

Saturday, May 18


It’s tradition. The morning after Jenna spends the night, we ALWAYS make pancakes. I’m not sure when it started, but it’s something I honestly look forward to every time Jenna makes a plan to spend the night. I swear I keep a box of pancake mix on hand JUST in case she comes over. This Saturday morning was no exception: blueberry pancakes, eggs, and sausage graced our brand new dining room table, surrounded by a hodgepodge of “dining room chairs” (AKA: a living room accent chair, a vanity chair, and an old wooden chair from my childhood). We laughed, continued wedding talks and plans and caught up until we had to nearly rush to get ready for my baby shower. Right before it was time to get ready, she brought me the CUTEST Bridesmaid proposal to make my place in the wedding official. I cannot believe this time next year, my freshman year bestie will be a married lady and I’ll be a mom!!


We got ready and it was time for the baby shower! The shower was Winnie The Pooh themed, A.A. Milne style, and it was PERFECT. From the treats to the theming to the guests, everything was so perfect, and maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I felt near tears the whole afternoon. To have so many special people there to celebrate this new addition to our family really showcased how important a strong village is.

We received so many thoughtful gifts, including so a few of my favorite mothers giving me their “Must-Have Products”, which is my love language. I feel so much more prepared to welcome little Baby No Name into this world!


That evening, Shawn and I reconnected and got to connect with his Uncle! He lives in New York, so time with him is few and far between. It was fun to get to recap with the shower with him. Shawn and I crawled into bed, late that night grateful and exhausted.

Sunday, May 19


We watched church online. Something about being up and at ‘em, fully dressed all day the day before exhausted me, so getting to slow down a little and take it easy on Sunday was so lovely. We unloaded the car of all the new baby haul, and went to Target to find our first two dining room chairs — the hodgepodge was technically working, but it’s time to be adults and get real dining room chairs, you know?


We visited with Shawn’s parents again, but I had one eye on my cell phone. I was waiting on a call from my cross-country bestie, Laura. She was out camping with her then-boyfriend and some friends, and I had gotten word that this was the weekend. You know, the one where she would get engaged. As a friend, going through all the planning from afar and knowing it would happen but not exactly when it would play out, was killing me. Big Sur apparently has great camping spots, but poor cell service, so all weekend I was waiting for a call that wouldn’t come… UNTIL NOW. When the FaceTime came through from Laura, I’m pretty sure I leapt up mid-sentence with a, “Sorry I have to take this!!!” And sprinted out the door for the news: Laura is getting married!!! I don’t want to steal her thunder, but it was a beautiful story complete with a beautiful ring, and I’m just so excited for my friends!!!

There’s something so special about being there for your friends, and having them be there for you as chapters change. Lots of tears were shed, and I feel like so many pages were turned for so many of us: it’s a really big time and I’m so thankful to see this very unique chapter play out— it’s nothing like what I expected, but it all feels so perfect!


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