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When I Rise, Give Me Links to Jesus

So many of you have asked me about my Bible. I've been meaning to post the link so that all of you can see the one I have, in case your Bible shopping. I love mine because there is PLENTY of space for journaling and note taking, and it looks like a Moleskine journal-- which match all my journals.

Right now, I'm in the middle of a Well-Watered Women journal/ study, which has been so great to do some more independent Bible Study and dive into Scripture. I linked it here! If you join me, I'd love to journey along with you.

Also, some friends and I are about to start a great book, Uninvited. I'm going to open a forum on the blog so that my friends from all over the place can join us! Subscribe to the blog and keep up so you can join in. It'll be a great way to make some great, encouraging friends and connect with girls across the country!

So get the Bible here.

Get the Bible tabs here.

And get the pens I use for notes here and here.

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