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A How To On Romanticizing Your Life, From A Romantic

Sometimes, life feels a little like a merry-go-round that’s going a little too fast. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like I get SO focused on what’s next. I get so focused on where I’m falling behind. I get so focused on my task list that, when I finally look up, I realize that I’m missing out on my life! When we focus this hard on what’s going on around us, we neglect to check on what’s going on within us.

So, last year, when I noticed that shift, I made “Romanticize” my word of the year. It was awkward at first, the shifts that I made. I think any type of life changes are awkward when you first do them, but I have a list of five things that you can add (or take away) from your day-to-day that will help you to slow down a little bit. Stop and smell the metaphorical roses— or real roses if you can find some!

Enjoy a little taste and see of what I’ve been up to for the past few months while the blog was dark :)

1. Enjoy A Bit Of Silence. I get the draw of podcasts, music, the TV on in the background. It can be so difficult to be alone with our own thoughts, but it’s not very good for us to have constant input. Try taking a walk with no headphones. Sitting with your own thoughts in the car. I know, it sounds alittle wild, but try it before you write it off!

2. Rest Your Brain! Speaking of input, maybe focus a little of your brainpower on output — even if it’s just taking up a mindless hobby or having a dance break— constant input can be a big drain on your brain. Input fatigue is a real thing. Instead of mental input, move your body a little, pick up anew hobby, do things that take your mind off of the trivial things in your world.

3. Look Around At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now. Notice the sky. Notice the colors in the trees or the sounds around you. Be fully in the moment; it’s a form of meditation to make your thoughts focus on how grateful we are for the sound the trees make!

4. Speak The Nice Things When You Think Them! You’ve read this from me before, I’m sure. But our words become our deeds. The best way to become grateful and romanticize our lives is by doing it OUT LOUD! Speak gratitude into the big and small things: “the sky is so pretty!” “The girl in the drive thru line was so nice!” Noticing the little good things add up to us being grateful for the BIG thing: our lives:)

5. Take videos and pictures of EVERYTHING. The sunset walk you take. The face your dog makes while he’s sleeping. The bread you made. Take photos of it all, even if you don’t post them. Keep them as memories for yourself! And don’t forget to look back on them—you’ll realize your life is much more beautiful than you gave it credit for.

Enjoy a little taste and see of what I’ve been up to for the past few months while the blog was dark :)


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