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Anti-Inflammatory Foods I Have On Hand To Prep For Barbados

Disclaimer: Every body is a beach body. In preparation for any trip, but for life in general, I’m going to do what makes me feel most confident and best in my body. Love you!

In preparation for Barbados, I’ve taken the liberty to look into learning more about anti-inflammatory foods. My family and I collectively decided on Mother’s Day that we would cut out fast food until Barbados. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good nugget and fries combo on most days, so this has been TOUGH, to say the least, but I’ve teamed up with Corner Market to stock my fridge and pantry, for such an time as this, with the most anti-inflammatory foods we could find. I’m going to share the list of foods I snagged, because they’re all foods that I love AND that love me back.

In gathering all my anti-inflammatory go-tos, I thought I might share my list with you. Most of these I’m using as mid-day snacks, and appetite suppressant because I honestly normally intake a LOT of sodium, and while a little sodium is okay, I have to tell you I literally asked to re-take my work headshot because I was SO swollen in shots. It’s like that sometimes.

I’ll lay these out for you in categories, and the COOL thing about summer lunches and mini-meals is that a lot of the things are mix-and-matchable.

I love to put salmon on some rice with some sautéed bell peppers and mushrooms, with a little lemon over the whole thing.

We remember my sausage, rice, and veggies sheet pan meals, right? ALL of that is anti-inflammatory, the only thing we have to remember is to watch the seasoning (use lemon or a ginger-based hot sauce to replace all the salt). Also remember that the Corner Market bell peppers are locally sourced (we love small business and local sourcing!!)

I am writing this while pairing my Tropical Vibe Celsius with a little ziploc bag of cucumbers and black cherries (which are on sale this week, in particular!). I cut up the three cucumbers at once, and put them in a covered dish in the fridge, so it’s easy to munch on or grab an go!

Poolside necessities or a before bed snack could ABSOLUTELY be a few pieces of watermelon or pineapple.

If you’re a noodle girl like me (Ramen Noodles are responsible for my sodium addiction), search for Spaghetti Squash and Zucchini noodle recipes on Pinterest! It’s as easy as swapping out!

Anti-inflammatory is just great in general, but the EASIEST part is that you can get all your grocery-go-tos at Corner Market.

Please remember that the key to all of this is consistency. You’ll look and feel better after consistently incorporating these things, and even though life IS about balance, being mindful of what you’re putting in your body is important.


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