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My Wedding Reference Dump

It’s Wedding Season, y’all. And I know I already had my turn, but I thought it was about time to dust off my old references and put them all in one spot for you brides in and around my DMs. These pinboards and playlists are my life’s work from late 2020-2021. I hope they serve as some navigational beacons in your own planning process. Please note, bride-to-be, that we planned our entire day off of an intention, to celebrate our love and spend time with friends and family. If any detail of the wedding got in the way of that, we got rid of it. Our day was so joyful and spent with our favorite people, and I really do believe it was because of the people we shared the day with, and because of the intentions we set the day with.

Cornerstone Branding Reference:

This playlist was what our entire wedding was based around. If the decision didn’t fit in with this playlist or our goals of the wedding (celebrating our love with our friends and family) then it was an easy no. We took away a lot of unnecessary costs using this method. [\_nmQwW0ydatqTQ\_eg]

Get Seated Playlist:

All of the best songs I couldn’t “fit” into the wedding, from TV weddings I loved to songs I found romantic as a child, got added to this playlist in a cohesive piano playlist that I played an hour before the ceremony. I even snuck a few of my family’s wedding songs into this playlist as a little Easter egg for them! []

Getting Ready Mood:

I added my bridesmaids to a playlist and this is what we danced to while we got ready the morning of my wedding day! []

Lovely Songs:

Any time I would get ready for a wedding appointment, I would listen to this playlist. Some brides like to use perfume to mark special occasions, but I used music. I still use this playlist sometimes when I get ready for date nights! []

Hey, Mr. DJ:

This is the playlist I sent to my band for them to play while they were on break. We almost skipped the sparkler exit because nobody would leave the dance floor (including me:))


This was the playlist we sent to our band, using songs in their repertoire to set the vibe for the reception. I also shared it with our friends and family so they could get excited for the reception.


These are the songs we used for the ceremony. I sent this to our ceremony musicians so there wouldn’t be any confusion on what they needed to learn. :) []

7 p.m.

This was the list of songs that we used for the reception. Entrance, first dances everything—we did skip the garter toss, bouquet toss, and skipped making a spectacle of the cake cutting. []

Honeymood Board:[]

White Outfits Mood Board: []

Engagement Photo Mood Board: []

Catch-All Wedding Planning Board: []

My Wedding Timeline:

Through the planning process, I used GoodNotes in my iPad to keep copies of all the forms and files. For the wedding-day reference, I used my iPad and made a complete Master List pdf of all names, floor layouts, rental lists, contacts, timelines, songs and details. We sent that list to EVERYONE involved in the wedding day: Best Man, MOH, Band, Caterer, Day-Of Coordinator… everyone had a copy of this pdf so that everyone knew what was happening, when, where, and to what song:)

Even if you don't use any of these links, I hope they help in your efforts to plan your "Most special day"!

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