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Nashville Trip: Eras Eats

Eras Tour, Night Two in Nashville. What a show. It was worth every moment I waited for and studied for, but what I WASN’T prepared for was just how good the food was this whole weekend. I won’t spoil the show for you, but I WILLLL share with you where we ate, what I ordered, for the next time you’re hungry in Nashville :)

Pro Tip: Any show you may be going to for the Eras Tour, please note that there will be a LOT of people in the area that weekend, so you’re best served if you make all your big meal time reservations beforehand, it really saved us— every restaurant was full of Swifties :)

Pearl Diver (for apps and drinks): We kicked off our stay with a trip to Pearl Diver, they have two-hour time block reservations, so it was just enough time to chill and eat an appetizer before our BIG dinner reservations. We ordered the Tijuana Fries and the Pineapple Fried Rice for four of us to split. SO Good. I drank an El Padrino as well and just... YUM so refreshing. here’s the menu :) []

House of Cards (for dinner and a show): This place was COOL. They don’t allow photos inside, but wow how I wish they would have. Slight of hand trick tables, excellent food and delicious drinks. The price of your meal is your admission into the magic show at the end (which had Shawn cracking up with laughter and me baffled at what was clearly magic). I ordered the small filet and the potatoes, and drank the “Reappearing Act” drink, which was a lot like a Mississippi Mule, without the carbonation. There was a patron in the back where we COULD take photos, and there was a photographer walking around taking professional photos for us. It was definitely a celebratory/ special occasion dinner place, but SO worth it! Here’s the menu

North Italia for brunch: We hit Green Hills for brunch the next day. I was a little nervous about this one, but it was probably one of my new favorite spots! I had the Farmer’s Market Scramble, and we ordered the Grilled Bread & Good Olive Oil for the table, which was indeed, GOOD olive oil. It was a simple brunch, but it definitely hit the spot before we started getting ready for Eras Tour Night. Here’s the menu

Restoration Hardware for late brunch: A classic. A favorite. A hit aesthetically and palatably. There’s not a miss on the menu, honestly. I had the RH Scramble and a coffee and the BEST orange juice I’ve ever tasted. Other Winning Dishes include, The RH Burger, the Shaved Ribeye, and the Truffle Grilled Cheese. Do not skip out on the truffle fries (you know that). Generally, my favorite thing to do there is walk around after our meal with a coffee and pretend that I’m furnishing our newest villa. :) Here’s the menu— eat a truffle fry for me: (img)

Barcelona for dinner with pals (we discussed split bills for ease of tapas consumption): I had been to Barcelona once before and it stressed me out. It turns out, Tapas are best served with friends who don’t mind giving and taking the last bite! We decided to split the bill down the middle, right out the gate, and it made selection and eating and drinking so much more fun and carefree. I couldn’t even tell you all that we ordered, but you really can’t go wrong! Here’s the menu, they have a LOVELY wine selection (I stuck with white that night).

Old Glory for the vibes: Go underground to Old Glory, okay? It’s super cool.

Eras Tour was the best place fora social butterfly like me. I made so many friends, I traded the friendship bracelets, and I truly healed a part of myself by going to this show. Taylor Swift is a master performer, and I would go again, given the chance.


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