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How I Find Time To Self-Care (And Why Other People Are Noticing)

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I’ve got to spill a few of my secrets to you. See, I consider us to be pals, so when I try a new thing with my life, I SO look forward to sharing it with you.

This has been a chapter of my life that is greatly overwhelming— on top of my every day list of things to do, I’ve added “Buy a House” to that list of things to do. It’s been a crazy ride, and I truly feel very overwhelmed sometimes. Do you ever feel like you have just a little too much on your plate? Join the club.

I’ll give you the secret to how to make those overwhelming chapters of your life a litttttle easier: Self-Care. Yes, I know. The answer is that cliche, but true and effective self-care is the key to getting through the most overwhelming chapters in one piece (trust me). I’ve found that taking time to be kind to yourself will make all the difference in the world.

Personally, when my life gets a little more than I can handle, I like to do things that are truly multitasker friendly and things that will make a visible difference. Like sticking to a skin care routine to help myself wind down (like in my last post) or my latest favorite thing: teeth whitening.

Now, I’ve been a pageant girl for a while, so I’ve tried it all. I’ve done the charcoal brushing and the strips. I’ve tried the brush-on, traveling “quick-whiten” stuff, but I think I found my new favorite thing: Smile Brilliant at-home teeth whitening trays. When they first reached out to me, I was excited to research the next best thing in teeth whitening and in self-care! I love a bright, white smile, so I’m up for anything safe and high-quality to get it!

They sent over a molding tray and we made a custom mold for my teeth, which is so wonderful because not only does it make me feel SUPER-special and catered to, but it ensures that the whitening is optimal. When the custom whitening trays came in, we were ready to whiten!

There are two types of solutions for your teeth per session: a desensitizing gel and a whitening gel. I have sensitive teeth, so I do the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes before AND after the whitening process, with the 45 minute whitening session in between.

In just a few uses, I could tell such a big difference in my smile, and I even started getting compliments! My mom even noticed the difference while we were having lunch one day. But the thing I love the most, besides the amazing results, is that I can make such a big difference in my smile with such a simple act of self-care. Not only is this such a simple process that I do 2-3 times a week, but it takes just long enough for me to slow down for the evening. While I whiten my teeth, I can plan the next day, so that I’m a little less overwhelmed throughout the week. I’ll take time to do my quiet time or take a bath. I love the difference that Smile Brilliant has made in my smile and in my nightly routine.

Here are some before pictures for you-- I took these right before I stuck the trays in for the first time:

And here are some photos from just a few weeks of uses!

And I've got good news!! I'm giving away a Smile Brilliant kit here !

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