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One App Has Changed My Grocery Shopping Game

I can’t gate keep this hack any longer. Do you ever have trouble making your grocery list? Sometimes I’m just feeling NOT creative. Making a grocery list that has overlapping ingredients for a bunch of recipes during the week takes creativity and WORK. And it can be so daunting to commit to spending a ton of money in the grocery store— I know I’m not the only one who’s wasted money on my “sacrificial” bag of spinach that is always wilting in the refrigerator corner on a regular basis.

Enter: The Corner Market App!!

5 Reasons You Should Download the Corner Market App


There are coupons galore. Like I mentioned, I use this app to aid in my grocery list, basing my list and recipes off of items that are already on sale! The savings are seasonal, and always on theme!

2. It Keeps Track Of Your Savings

This app has a little scan code that JUST for you, and it keeps track of how much money you save over the course of you keeping the app! It’s game-ifies grocery shopping, which is so fun. Super Market Sweep, Here I come!!

3. Deal of the Day?!

If you have the app, you’re eligible for some super cool deals of the day. A few weeks ago, I got a free box of pop tarts just for having the app! It was SO convenient, because I had just eaten my last pop tarts that morning, but I had forgotten to add them to my grocery list. Corner Market just had them waiting up at the checkout like a little godsend!

4. Online Grocery List!

If you need help keeping track, you can make your grocery list straight in the app. No more looking for a flat surface to cross your sacrificial bag of spinach off your list (you know you do it, too). You can just mark it on the app!

5. It’s SO user-friendly

So I have commitment issues, especially when it comes to downloading apps unless I’m positive I’ll use it often. This app is SO easy to use, it should be a crime! It’s easy to create your account; the hardest part of the app is remembering to scan it at check out (which if you use the app for your grocery list, is not an issue)!

What are you waiting for? Download this bad boy, and get a jump on your savings!


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