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The Simplest Dinner Ever Created (And How Corner Market’s Rotisserie Chicken Is An Unsung Hero)

It’s travel season, friends! I feel like Shawn and I are crossing paths, taking turns traveling, and enjoying the busiest time of the year. There are so many things going on right now, it can be really easy to be tempted to live of Ramen Noodles and Pop Tarts.

Shawn offered to handle dinner one night while he was home, and I was so thankful. It’s just been one of those weeks, right? (And it’s only Tuesday).

I got home after work,and Shawn had his Corner Market bags on the counter just working away. I stopped to smell the SWEET Corner Market roses he got me for the gloomy day, and just nearly teared up at how thoughtful he was to pick up dinner AND flowers.

I was in the middle of gushing over how much work he was putting in before he finally stopped me and said, “Jayce, you really should know, this is just Rice and Rotisserie Chicken and Honey BBQ BWW Sauce over it. Y’all! Something SO simple, and SO good.

If you’re looking for the quickest, easiest, yummiest healthy meal ever, let me just tell y’all what he did:

He grabbed one rotisserie chicken and a box of Boil In Bag Rice. Honestly, you could grab any number of sauces from their sauces aisle, but we had Honey BBQ, tried and true.

He pulled apart the chicken and put it in a bowl (partly to save it for later) while the rice was boiling. Once the rice was ready, he separated it into two bowls and put the chicken on top, with some sauce generously drizzled (I’m a sauce girl).

Iconic. And for Bonus points, he picked up some ice cream and had Ted Lasso queued up when I got home!

A few days later, I took dinner duty and made some fancy Ramen out and used the leftover Rotisserie Chicken. 10/10 would recommend (but then again you know I'm a Ramen Noodle Girl). I got the recipe from a girl I follow on Pinterest, and you can find that one here!

Now that my family and I are gearing up to go to Barbados, we're on a health kick, so I used the last of the chicken in my meal prep, with some more rice and hot sauce!

A Rotisserie Chicken is an underrated hero, and Corner Market's is just the best one around!

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