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How I Got Cleaner, Whiter Teeth In 2 Weeks

Okay, so you guys remember when I spilled the tea about teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant (and why I can drink all the tea and wine I want without worrying about stains)? Okay, well I have more tea for you— and I just KNOW you’re going to love it.

So a few weeks ago — before I got my wisdom teeth out— I got a cute little box in the mail that encouraged me to #SmileFearlessly. First of all, okayI will smile more fearlessly with whiter teeth! But, inside that box was a new electric toothbrush. I’ve used the same Clarisonic toothbrush for years now— switching out the heads every three months, of course— so I was so excited to switch up my routine and try something new! Once my mouth healed up I could FINALLY really clean every single tooth using something other than the Sensitive setting. I have notes for you, don’t worry.

1. I love an electronic toothbrush. The extra effort is just what I need in the morning before my coffee fully kicks in, and at night when all I want to do is crawl in bed. This toothbrush has FIVE settings!!! This CariPro toothbrush massages gums, works harder to fight the stains (so I can keep on with the tea, sis), and uses a sensitive setting for when my mouth is healing from surgery.

2. I love a sleek-looking toothbrush. It may be silly, but I LOVE when something is just sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The dark grey look is so nice on my sink, and the charger is small, too! There’s not much room on my new sink, so the small charger is a MUST.

3. My mouth feels CLEAN. This CariPro x Smile Brilliant toothbrush not only times out two minutes so that I don’t get in a rush and skimp on brushing, it pauses every 30 seconds so that I can switch quadrants of the mouth! This is EVERYTHING, because I’m actually really bad about brushing one side of my mouth longer than the other. I’ve noticed lately that my mouth just feels cleaner lately, and I am willing to bet this is why.

4. Okay, so I know I didn’t have to pay for this, but this toothbrush is so cheap! For all that this bad boy does, it’s half the price of other toothbrushes that do the same thing! The box come with extra replacement heads so you can stay up- to- date and as sparkly as can be. ESPECIALLY with the discount code I have for you to take an extra 20% off of what is already a great deal. ---20theeditblog

For real, I’ll always say that I love a beautiful smile, and I could not be more serious about oral care. This toothbrush is EVERYTHING. With Smile Brilliant, I’m getting comments all the time on my smile— which is incredibly important since my day job is all about sales. It’s much easier to look friendly and close a deal when you’re proud of your smile! Head over to the website and check these out for yourself; I just know you’ll love it!

AND! With the help of Smile Brilliant, I'm giving away one FREE electric toothbrush, just like mine! Figure out how to sign up for a chance here!!

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