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A Peek Inside Our Renovated Home

Hey everyone! 👋 Welcome to my lifestyle blog, where today I’m so excited to share a glimpse into our newly renovated home! It’s been quite a journey, especially since we tackled this project during my second trimester of pregnancy. Now, at 39 weeks, we’re finally feeling settled in our cozy nest.

Let’s start with a little “Before” Moment:

Living Room Bliss

Let’s start with the heart of our home—the living room. We opted for a soothing color palette of soft beiges and neutral colors, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere and decorating through the seasons. The plush sofa and bookshelves invite us to unwind after a long day. I love the high ceilings and how the natural light comes in through the windows, making this space feel warm and inviting.

Kitchen Adventures

Next up, our kitchen—a place where we’ve already shared countless meals and laughter. Shawn and I have always dreamt of having green cabinets paired, and we LOVED pairing them with some quartz countertops that have a bit of green detailing throughout to give it a homey touch. Cooking has become my favorite way to unwind and prepare for postpartum, and having this beautifully organized space makes it even more enjoyable. We still want to do a backsplash, but we’re taking things one step at a time. Let’s be #realistic.

Nursery Nesting

Speaking of our little one, let me show you the nursery! This room has been a labor of love (literally). We painted the walls a blue (“Little Falls” by Sherwin Williams) and added a chair rail, which feels calming and fresh and quintessentially boy. The crib, adorned with sweet quilts and the Winnie the Pooh cast of stuffed animals , is waiting patiently for its new occupant. Every time I step into this room, I can’t help but imagine the joy and excitement that will soon fill it.

Home Office Haven

Lastly, the home office—a sanctuary where Shawn and I juggle work and nesting instincts. There’s a dark and moody color scheme here, with touches of gold accents that add sophistication and masculinity. This is the space where Shawn and I both create content and Shawn creates music remotely- a feat that Shawn will be navigating more, once we welcome our new addition.

Gratitude and Anticipation

As I reflect on this journey of renovating our home during pregnancy, I’m filled with gratitude for the support of my family and our loved ones. Each room tells a story of anticipation and preparation, creating a space that truly feels like ours. Now, with just a few weeks left until our little one arrives, I’m cherishing these moments of nesting and preparing our home for the next adventure.

Paint Colors, In Case You Want Them:

Living Room and Kitchen: Benjamin Moore Dune White

Kitchen Cabinets: Benjamin Moore Rosepine

Nursery: Benjamin Moore Little Falls on Top, Chantilly Lace on Bottom

Office: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Our trim in the Living Room and Kitchen are the exact same finish and color as the walls. We feel like it made the space look bigger.

The Nursery and Office Trims are Chantilly Lace. Here’s the MasterList that I worked from— yes I treated the color palate of my house like a branding kit. Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you for joining me on this house tour! I hope you enjoyed this peek into our renovated space and found some inspiration for your own nesting journey. Stay tuned for more updates on life, parenthood, and everything in between. Until next time! 🏡💕


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