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Let's Catch Up!

Well, this is more of a one-sided chat, I guess (BELIEVE ME, I’m chomping at the bit to ask you how you’re doing and what’s going on with your life, too, but that’s not how this blog goes). I feel like a lot has changed and nothing has changed at the same time.

Let me set the scene: I’m on my same gray couch, snuggled up to who is STILL the best puppy in all the land, rewatching Gilmore Girls in my same tiny-home (AGAIN), and typing on this same laptop that’s been home to all my thoughts and typings since 2017. I feel like, in some ways, I'm not a day over 23.


We called a painter, and he’ll be by to paint the house soon. I have a little less than a month to pick a color to paint the house, doors, and shutters. Shawn and I are finally getting this house ready to sell after saying we’ve wanted something a little bigger since before we were both living here. We’ve been saving and dreaming, and we’re finally almost ready, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t secretly cherish all the complaining about my Single Girl Home- turned- First Married Home.

I’m off birth control— I don’t remember if I told you guys that or not. We’re not stressing about starting a family, but there may be a dream or two of children in the near future. I got off the birth control pill in January, mainly with the intention of letting my body rest. I’d been feeding it hormones via birth control for nearly a decade (albeit I was NOT as regimented as I should have been). So now I’m doing Natural Cycles (you know, the one where you take your body temperature every morning), just to get to tracking everything. I’m learning a lot about my body.

Lastly, the answer to our MOST asked question: “When are you moving to Nashville?” I hear you, and I feel the sentiment. I understand where the questions come from, believe me. It’s just not time to go anywhere. We’ve always believed in the saying “Pray Like It Depends On God, Work Like It Depends On You”, and we are living life at 100 percent. We enjoy traveling to visit and see our pals, and we are so excited about the progress Shawn is continually making in his dream industry. When we consider the whole of our lives as a unit, we know in our hearts, that the time isn’t here yet. Our work at home isn’t quite done.

Currently, we’re doing a “30 Days of Clarity”, a thing we really made up, where we’re in the Bible and actively being grateful for what we have while intentionally praying and asking for clarity on what our next steps will be: house, family, careers, kids. We feel super thankful to feel like we’re on the precipice of so much good, but clinging to God’s promise to work all things out for the good because being in this place in our lives can be really scary.

I’m glad you’ve made it this far.
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