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My New Favorite Accessory | A Unique Watch By JORD

Summer is such a great time to try new styles. I love to take the hot summer months and try out things you wouldn't normally! I took a chance on these unique wooden time pieces by JORD, and WOW. I'm obsessed. This black wooden watch has been so fun to style, and I get about a million compliments on the craftsmanship of it every day. The minimalistic design makes it a staple piece with any outfit, and the gold accents help me dress it up and down- so it I can wear it at work and when I'm just hanging out.

1. The minimalistic design is such a classic look that is so much more than just a trend. I'm so excited to be partnered with JORD because I've found a staple watch to wear for years to come!

2. This watch has been so easy to style. I've already mentioned that I can wear this style with everything, but I love to wear it with black jeans and a minimalistic top. It's a great way to really put a nice backdrop against the watch and let that be a staple with pretty summer shoes.

3. One of my favorite parts of the JORD Collection is the engraving feature. This part makes them GREAT for gifts. Groom gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, birthday gifts-- WHATEVER. You can personalize them, and they ship to you, engraved, in a beautiful wooden box. It really doesn't get much more perfect and simple. I know that whenever I received mine int he mail, it was like Christmas morning. They're so well packaged-- the box alone is a treasure.

4. I cannot mention enough how many compliments I get on this watch. Sure, I wear it everywhere, but people are always stopping to ask me about it. The it's a perfect timepiece, transitional to all seasons as a statement piece. I love it, but so do my friends (they've all registered to win one). I'm around SO many people every day, and my watch is universally adored-- is there anything better? No, there isn't.

5. It's not my Apple Watch. Which, don't get me wrong, I love my Apple Watch, but it lately I've felt like my phone has a leash on me. Always dinging and distracting me from really living in the moment. This watch is a classic piece- it doesn't vibrate or ding (or even tick), so I can wear it all the time, even when I'm taking a break from my phone.

Sometimes, I feel ghost vibrations - like it would be my Apple Watch sending me an alert for a text. When I feel like dressing my apple watch up, I'll get an apple watch band by JORD. Did I mention they have unique men's watches and women's watches to choose from?

You can get one, too! Register to win a $100 gift card from JORD and have the perfect summer staple here!

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