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Ten Years’ Time

It’s overwhelming how much can change in ten years. I look back at who I was in April 2013, and I wonder what 18-year old Jayce would think of the woman I’ve become. I’m sure that some things would surprise her, and I’m sure there are things that would excite her and some that would make her sad. Overall, though, I think she would be overwhelmed with pride at who she turned out to be.

Now, it’s fun to think about all the life I’ve lived in ten years, I was a senior in high school ten years ago, and now I’ve been at my current job 5 years (longer than a high school career!) I thought it would be fun to share 10 pieces of advice I would share with my 18 year-old self, if I could:

1. Put yourself out there!! Whether you get involved in a club, make friends at parties, or just sit next to someone new. Whenever you put yourself out there, good things happen.

2. Learn discipline. I’m still working this one out, but if you can teach yourself discipline and focus, you can be unstoppable (and your grades may be a little better).

3. Don’t quit. When things get discouraging or tough, learn to rest, not quit. The best things in life are on the other side of that “push through” moment EVERY. TIME.

4. Listen more than you speak. In all of your relationships, there is so much more to learn if you just LISTEN. and ask questions. The questions aren’t stupid, so just ask them!

5. You’re not too cool. This is a circle-back to getting involved. You’re not too cool to like things or enjoy things. You’re not too cool to find joy in small things. It’s actually much more fun to share the little joys.

6. Goal-setting isn’t everything. Sometimes, you get too focused on being “full-steam ahead” and you forget to just live. Stop setting the goals so hard, and just live for a second. Eat the cheese fries.

7. They’re not mad at you, they’re just business-people. Business people text differently. Don’t be afraid to follow up.

8. Girls Rule, Boys Drool. He’s probably not going to text you back, so just go be loved on by people who REALLY love you- your friends!

9. Trust your gut. Your body knows when something is off, learn to listen when it tells you something is wrong, and LEAVE.

10. Move Forward. You’re Smart, You’re Capable. You can be Anything you want to be, pretty much. Just focus on what’s ahead, one step at a time. Looking back never does any one any favors (unless you’re making a list like this one day;)).

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