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A Summertime Mood Board 4 U

Okay friends. It’s summertime and the living is EASY... for some of us. For others of us, it’s not so much a never ending sun kissed situation, and more or a “The Days Are Longer, But Work Still Takes Up At Least Eight Hours”.

Look, I get it. We’re adults who don’t really get a summer vacation anymore. The best thing we can do is NOT hole ourselves up in our offices and pout about it. We’re resourceful and we’re dedicated to getting our dopamine, you know? I think there’s something so beautiful about really embracing the different seasons fully, and that DOESN’T necessarily mean spending boatloads of cash in pursuit of a summertime feeling.

Summertime (to me) is the time to go on wild pop-culture binges. It’s the time to read light-hearted RomCom books and eat lots of fruit. It’s the time to go on walks and make blanket forts in the living room. Summertime means tiny adventures, some of which you’ll forget to take photos of, but they’ll exist forever in your inside jokes and memories. Summertime is the time to make simple plans with friends— you don’t have to go to the Italian Coast to have a pasta night. Day trips, Staycations, Messy Activities JUST because it’s summertime.

Be kind to yourself. Take the breaks you need. Treat your mind and body like the temples they are. Go outside for your lunch break when you can. Read a book in your silk Target pajamas.  I’m cheering for you, friend.

For funsies, take a peek at my Pin Boards/ Mood Boards! I hope they inspire you to try a new recipe, make some memories, and just live your life a little extra this season.

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